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Previously, the kitchen was only used by one person (usually the wife or mother), but modern kitchens must now accommodate many chefs, children, enormous equipment, entertaining, dining, and so much more. Regardless of your present design, renovating your kitchens narellan project gives you a terrific opportunity to build a more efficient workstation with room for all of this and more.


Spending some time during the planning process of your kitchens narellan makeover figuring out your alternatives and focusing on achieving the most efficient arrangement will pay you repeatedly, every day.


The triangle of work

You may have come across this word when researching kitchen ideas on the kitchens narellan website. The term “work triangle” relates to how you move in the kitchen between essential locations. These have traditionally been the sink, stove, and refrigerator; however, modern kitchens may contain the dishwasher, oven, and microwave.


Kitchen in the Shape of an L

An effective kitchen work triangle is created by ensuring that you can move freely and rapidly between these regions. This may not appear to be a huge issue; after all, moving across a single room does not involve much forethought, but imagine that you use the kitchen at least twice a day, if not more. An extra step from the sink to the fridge might result in an extra kilometre of activity in the kitchen over the course of a year, says a kitchens narellan expert.


For the best flow, keep the distance between these zones between 1.2 m and 2.7 m. Try not to obstruct the movement from one to the other by putting objects in the route, such as the trash can or the island seat, adds the kitchen narellan contractor.


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Allocating space on either side of the fridge, stove, and sink will allow you to prep, cook, and clean up without continually moving items about. Don’t worry if your kitchen is small; a clever kitchens narellan design may do much more than big swaths of the surface. Place your main prep area next to or opposite the stove to ensure that everything you need is at arm’s reach.



While kitchen layout and fixture placement are essential aspects of a functional kitchen, lighting can make or break the design. Inadequate illumination might cause portions of the kitchen to be underutilised. Working in your own shadow may be annoying and hazardous, especially when using blades or high heat. Make sure the kitchens narellan workspaces are well-lit from above with excellent task lighting.


Innovative cabinet design

Make sure the equipment you’ll need is close to where you’ll need it to create an efficient kitchen. Close to the stove should be the cabinet containing pots and pans. Modern kitchen cabinetry is more than just a room full of cabinets with shelves and four drawers for cutlery and utensils. Speak with your kitchens narellan maker about practical storage options for every requirement, such as appliance towers for tiny equipment such as the mixer and toaster, or large deep drawers for quick access to tableware or saucepans.


A lot of energy

Installing multiple power outlets throughout the kitchen eliminates the need to disconnect the toaster to boil the kettle or turn off the coffee maker to charge the juicer. Don’t forget that the kitchen is frequently used to charge phones, computers, and other household gadgets. You may simply prevent a lot of sockets juggling if enough power points are included at the kitchens narellan design stage.



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