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Summers can be hard to bear when you live in a country where temperature breaks a record every year. Everyone needs a summer break from the scorching heat but deciding a place for your vacation is often more tiring than the whole vacation itself. Sweat not friends, we have solved that problem for you. 

Search Results Web results A Trip To Ladakh In Summer That Gave Us Unforgettable Experience

1. Ladakh 

Ladakh is one of the most searched places to visit for a break from summer and loved by all, this place has it all. Beautiful landscapes, amazing culture and breathtaking lakes and views. No one can say no to this amazing place for summer. And the weather is just a cherry on top for a perfect summer vacation. 

Epic Places To Visit In Summer

2. Manali 

Manali is nothing short of a fairy tale land of India. With perfect views, breathtaking snow-capped mountains and blue lakes, Manali should be on everyone’s summer vacation list. The fresh air of Manali calls out for a perfect summer break that you can spend with your loved ones. You can also be awestruck by the culture of the place, go around and visit some monasteries and buy some souvenirs as a memoir for the place. 

Best Time To Visit Nanital

3. Nainital 

Also, among one of the most visited hill stations of India. Lush green landscapes with beautiful views and lakes. This place attracts many tourists for a much-needed summer break. Go boating and taste some of the most delicious meals in the city. It’s all there for you to have a perfect vacation. 

Best Places to visit During Summer
4. Auli 

The lush green forests with snow-capped mountains and stunning views are a nature’s miracle. For a summer break, it is a perfect getaway. Go on a trek and take on some great views of the mountains. The weather is always cold to escape the heat that awaits you back home. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy your summer break in this amazing place. 

Top list of Places to visit in Summer

5. Rishikesh 

The perfect summer breaks place for adventure lovers, this one is all for you. The amazing hill station has so many activities that even with the cold weather you might break a sweat or two. Go river rafting, bungee jumping or trekking. If you prefer something more calming adventure than get on a yoga retreat in Rishikesh. A summer break for the body and soul, I don’t know about you, but I am already packing my bags. 

A Perfect Gateway For Summer Breaks | Mussoorie

6. Mussoorie 

The queen of hills of India. Mussoorie is the summer break getaway that you cannot say no to. The lovely mountains, scenic natural views and so many other activities that you can indulge in while you are on your trip are many reasons that you have to visit while you are on a summer break. Go shopping on the mall road or go on a boat ride in the beautiful lakes and enjoy the surreal beauty of the place. 

These were our top picks for a perfect summer break. Which one would you go to tell us in the comments below? Till then keep visiting. 

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