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Because of its strength, durability, and affordability, oak is one of the most widely used building materials in the world. Because it is comprised of ply layers that are glued together to produce a robust core board, natural oak engineered flooring is no different from any other high-quality engineered flooring. 

Solid hardwood floors:

Natural oak engineered flooring has the same downsides as solid hardwood floors, such as being readily scratched and dented, since it contains a top layer of solid wood. It looks just like the original. Because of the top layer of genuine wood, the engineered oak flooring seems to be solid oak.

  • Impact of moisture:

In every room of the house, it may be used. With this in mind, natural oak engineered flooring may be used in kitchens and bathrooms where solid oak flooring would generally be discouraged, thanks to its ingenious construction. Anyone who wants an oak floor but is concerned about the impact of temperature or moisture changes will be pleased to hear this news.

Floor-heating system:

  • Installing it on top of a floor-heating system is possible. If you want to install solid oak flooring over an underfloor heating system, you should avoid doing so. 
  • Again, because of its design, installing the appropriately engineered timber floorboards over underfloor heating is a breeze.
  • For as long as it lasts, you may sand and refinish it. Among the advantages of oak flooring is that it can be refinished several times without losing its original beauty. 

Different grades and shades:

Natural oak engineered flooring with a thick top layer called a lamella, are ideal for homes with high traffic or those who want the freedom to sand and refinish their floors periodically. There’s a wide range of options. There are many different shades and grades of oak, just like any other wood, ranging from light to dark and from premier to rustic. 

  • Wide-variety of floorboards:

It’s not going to break the bank. You can have a floor that looks like a million dollars for a fraction of the price with engineered timber floorboards. A wide variety is available, and if you do your homework, you can find something that fits your needs while also making it seem as if you went above and beyond your means.


  • Engineered timber floorboards are recognized for their long life, making them a more cost-effective choice than solid wood.
  • Being versatile means that designers and tradespeople who use engineered wood flooring may satisfy a wide variety of customers by specifying these materials.
  • Engineered wood floorboards have a warm aesthetic appeal that will be a focal point in your room’s design.
  • Timber production is more environmentally benign than the production of other materials. 


Engineered timber floorboards are often less expensive than solid hardwood floors in big commercial or residential installations. All of your wood flooring needs may be met at Wood and Beyond thanks to our excellent staff. It is possible to get 50 years of service out of high-quality, durable flooring provided they are well-maintained and nothing has been done to weaken the veneer.


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