Sat, Mar 25, 2023

Kitchen renovations in Southern Highlands and other parts of Australia are expensive. Many homeowners pay 20% to 30% of their total renovation budget for kitchens. On the other hand, some plan kitchen renovations solely and end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to renovate the kitchen. However, not all of them end up with their dream kitchen. 

Spending a lot of money is not the correct way to get the results you want. You might have the most expensive stove and might have imported tiles and yet a budget-friendly modular kitchen might have a better feel and accessibility. If you wish to have a kitchen that adds value to your home décor, avoid the mistakes given below, 

  • Wasting space 

Just because you have space doesn’t mean you can add components to it blindly. You need to save steps, so you need not run while prepping a meal or washing dishes. Use a compact area for counter and meal preparation. Keep the sink accessible at all times and convert the remaining space into a dining area. Keeping a compact kitchen is beneficial for use. 

  • Not planning the isle 

You need to keep space between everything to keep the kitchen running. Though you might not have a lot of space and many people working in the kitchen like in a restaurant, you need to ensure comfort for all. Plan a kitchen that allows everyone to move freely, and no one bumps into one another while working in the kitchen. 

  • Think well 

You might have your kitchen layout printed in your mind and know how the blueprint looks; however, that’s not sufficient. You need to take accurate measurements of all the appliances and fixtures to ensure everything looks well and makes a better picture at the end. 

  • Oversizing 

Some follow the chant, ‘Bigger the space, larger the counter!’ however, this will only add to the mess and make your entire kitchen ineffective. It will look cluttered and overloaded on one side. Instead, choose two counters in suitable sizes to ensure everything remains functional and you have it organized. 

  • Cluttering a small space 

If you have a limited space, do not think of getting everything. You can use the extra space in your living room to turn into a dining room no need to add four chairs and tables in the small kitchen. Similarly, you can avoid having giant appliances in the room and use compact versions of the same to use it.


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