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Keeping your timber floors in good shape can be trickier than most people think. When doing any maintenance on a wooden floor, you need to be very careful because scratches and cracks can cause the floor to need to be replaced. You should also ensure that your floor does not stay wet for a long time. In this article, we shall be discussing maintenance tips for timber flooring in Abbotsbury. 

Keep reading to know how to keep your timber floors clean and long-lasting:

Vacuuming the Floor Each Week

This is obvious; on average, most people already clean their floors about once a week. However, when you vacuum your floor, you should never use a rotating brush or a beater bar because doing so will scratch the top layer of protection. Use a microfiber mop to sweep the floor instead. This is a much safer way to clean a timber floor. This will help eliminate the risk of getting scratches from mud and grit, which could happen when someone walks over it.

Keep Hairspray And Furniture Polish Away

Both furniture polish and hairspray can do much damage to timber flooring. Because the chemicals in them can cloud the floor’s finish and, in the worst cases, even eat through the floor’s protective coating. If you spill hairspray or furniture polish, wipe it up as soon as possible with a clean, damp cloth. A window cleaner that does not contain ammonia can help you clean better.

Protect the Floor from Rain

As already said, water, especially dampness, is the worst thing for a timber floor. Not only will it ruin the finish of the floor, but it will also soak into the wood and leave an ugly stain. If it is going to rain and your roof leaks or your windows do not keep water out, you should take steps to make sure water does not get on your floor. You can wipe up water as soon as it hits or put a plastic mat on the floor.

Use a Non-Wax-Based Cleaner

Keep floor cleaners that do not use wax in a closet or another easy-to-reach place. These are easy to use to fix small problems before they get big. With the cleaner, you can wipe away dirt and spills. This is the best way to get rid of sand and other small, rough things on the floor before they scratch it.

How to Apply Waxes and Restorers 

Even though wax cleaners can be used to refresh wax finishes, wax should not be used on shellac varnish or polyurethane finishes. These are distinct finishes for timber flooring in Abbotsbury, so putting them on here will make the floor very slippery and may even damage the original finish in the end. You should use a polish that is made for your specific finish. If you do not know what finish it is, you can use a general-purpose restorer, but first, test it on a small area of the floor before putting it overall thing.

Many things can affect how often you need to clean your floors. However, a regular cleaning schedule and a few easy care tips will make your timber flooring in Abbotsbury look great for longer.


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