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Having a great smile on your face will definitely boost your confidence wherever you go. Whether it’s your social life or the professional one, it could unlock amazing doors in both of them. However, many people cannot smile in public due to one or two missing teeth in their mouth cavity. But a dentist near Kingsford can really restore the smile on your face in just one or two visits. Yes, dental implants have risen to popularity amongst the Matraville residents. But what exactly is a dental implant procedure, and when should you get one? 

We know that you might be having such questions running in the back of your head. And in this blog, we will try our best to answer all the basic questions surrounding this dental procedure. So, stay with us till the end!

Dental Implant – Why Consider Having One?

Basically, a screw-shaped structure that is made out of titanium is called a dental implant. Your dentist will insert the implant into the jawbone to ensure a sturdy foundation from inside the cavity. Your dentist in Kingsford will suggest you getting dental implants to replace the missing tooth. The entire procedure works smoothly and restores back the appearance of your missing tooth. In every dental implant near Matraville, there will be three segments: the fixture, the abutment, and the prosthetic tooth.      

Types of Dental Implants

Your dentist in Kingsford will recommend you to either one of the following dental implants, depending upon the need and assessment. 

  • Single-tooth Implant: In case you just have one missing tooth in your mouth, the single tooth dental implant will be recommended to you. In most cases, your single tooth implant hardly requires any support. 
  • Multiple Tooth Implants: Next comes the multiple dental implant option for people with two or more two teeth missing. 
  • Denture With Implant Support: And finally comes the implant-supported denture fitting in your mouth. Your dentist will use four dental implants for each arch of the missing teeth. It’s much more affordable than the traditional dental implants in Matraville. 

You should only proceed with one of these dental implant options after consulting with your dentist. It’s highly recommended to consult your specialist dentist in Kingsford before taking any further actions.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Now that we have covered a few details about the dental implant treatment let’s move towards the actual procedure. It will help you prepare and calm your mind before actually getting the treatment. So, let’s cover the entire process down below in brief! 


Your dentist in Kingsford will assess your gum health at the beginning. If you are a valid candidate for this procedure, only then will you be recommended to have the dental implant. Otherwise, you will receive another line of treatment depending upon the assessment of your gum and teeth. 


Now then, let’s see the standard dental implant procedure in Matraville. First, a few impressions of your jaw and teeth will be taken by your dentist. It will help them create a replica of your teeth and gums, necessary for this procedure. 

In case there’s a decayed tooth, your dentist will extract it before proceeding further. Then, the dentist will drill a nice little hole in your jawbone to commence the dental implant procedure. Next comes the fitting of the dental implant into the jawbone with precision and utmost care. 

Once the healing process gets underway, your dentist will put an abutment on the implant’s top. This minor procedure will act as the connector to the crown. And then finally, a crown will be placed directly upon the abutment to complete the procedure. 

We believe that everything has been covered until now; you can always connect with us to know more!


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