Sun, Mar 26, 2023

Solar-powered street lights are a considerable alternative to standard electric lighting. They are highly effective and efficient light resources consisting of components like poles, battery tanks, photovoltaic cells, and LED or CFL luminaires. These energy-efficient solar-powered street lights are highly economical and environment-friendly. These street lights are customized according to wattage and brightness requirements.

  • Features of solar-powered street lights:

These solar-powered street lights are loaded with some amazing features. Some of them are mentioned below:

The flexibility of working hours:

The working hours of solar street lights are variable depending on several factors like present weather conditions, seasons, geographical locations, and the availability of light for a given period. These solar lights might get dim when they do not receive enough sunlight for prolonged periods on cloudy, winter, and rainy days.

Automatic on/off settings:

With these solar-powered street lights, there is no such issue of changing the settings according to the different weather conditions as they turn on and off automatically.

High transmission of lights:

These solar-powered street lights are fitted with optical grade materials that ensure very high average light transmission. These lights offer greater efficiency and large area coverage than the other standard electric lights.

  • Benefits offered by solar-powered street lights

Energy-saving, pollution-reducing, money-saving.

As compared with other standard street lighting systems, these solar-powered street lighting uses solar energy which is completely renewable with no or minimal consumption of fossil or any other type of fuel. Simultaneously, these solar-powered street lights will help in money-saving by offering a huge amount of reduction in electricity charges.

Environmental protection:

Solar energy is green, clean, and renewable energy. Usage of these solar street lights can low down carbon dioxide emissions.

More easy installation:

Commercial power lights are complicated in procedure and installation involving cable pipe laying, ditch digging, cable threading inside pipes, and ditch landfill, which requires several laborers. However, each solar lighting system is an independent individual, there is no need for electric equipment and cable laying.

Ensures more safety:

Solar lights are DC low voltage. Compared to dangerous 110-220V AC electric power, DC low voltage is very safe for the human body.

More energy savings:

The luminous efficacy of solar lights can be 10% more than that of electrical lights. At the same brightness, the solar light’s power can be 10% less.

Smart control:

Solar-powered street lights offer automatic dark to dawn dim, motion dim, and auto-time dim.

More convenient:

Customers do not need to look after the solar lights anymore after installation.

More flexible investment:

The solar street lights make the lighting possible in areas such as islands and rural areas by investing much smaller money relatively.

The use of solar street lights has acted as an efficient of saving a lot on electricity bills. Being an environmentally friendly method of providing energy, it is being used extensively all over the world. Switch to solar mode to save power and money.


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