Thu, Mar 30, 2023

Wood flooring is one classic choice, and even with the influx of wood-look like flooring options, there will still be a growing market for engineered wood and solid hardwood flooring. With some growing latest trends related to timber flooring Brookvale, your flooring style will be off the charts. These styles are not at all boring, but quite the opposite. 

With the improvement in technology, wood competitors like vinyl flooring, laminate flooring and tiles are trying to up their games. It is the necessity of the wooden manufacturers to keep things trendy, interesting and also updated if they want to stay right in this game. 

In the past, wood has set the much-needed trend, and the other flooring manufacturers ensure to follow suit.
But, with the other flooring options trying to up their antic as well, wooden flooring manufacturers have no other option but to look for some other trends to follow. So, let’s get on with these options now!

  • The beauty of engineered hardwood flooring:

This form of flooring is the closest thing that you can possibly get to solid and natural hardwood. It comprises a thin hardwood veneer, which is the layer right on tops of the man-made materials like fibreboard or plywood. 

Engineered hardwood is noted to have one medium-density fibreboard or the higher density core, noted for stabilising and supporting the plank. The layers of the engineered timber flooring Brookvale will add an underlayment to make it perfect and extremely durable for all areas.

  • Reclaimed wood style:

If you are aiming for another trend to move forward with, then the reclaimed wooden style is the one to watch out for. The items are durable, green and unique at the same time, and each plank will definitely have a Story to Tell. Reclaimed timber flooring Brookvale means taking some of the old building materials and then re-using them to save the environment and also to get the job done!

  • Cork flooring:

Whenever you are looking for cork flooring, you are basically thinking about an anti-fatigue, eco-friendly and resilient unique look. This is one unique flooring trend that you get to see in the 2021 market. Even though you call this to be trendy, it is one of the oldest options associated with the flooring market. It is one unique and durable option, able to stand the test of time.

  • White oak flooring:

For a classic beauty and within your budget, white oak timber flooring Brookvale is one option that you can easily try out. This kind of flooring is extremely stylish and attainable and known for having its own personality. It has a cleaner grain, which is hard to find with any of the other typical hardwood. So, you get the chance to create contemporary aesthetics and beautiful variation with it.

  • European white oak option:

Yes, this form of flooring is more or less similar to the white oak one, but the European white oak is now getting into the front row with its beauty and classic style. The main difference will be between the white oak and the European one is the cooler colour undertones. European white oak will have a grey undertone, where else; white oak will have a yellowish undertone. 

  • Blond wood floor:

As most modern homeowners are embracing the airy and light feel in their homes, you can see a huge resurgence in the wooden floors, which are light in colour. Blonde wood is gaining quite some popularity among the masses because of its light feel and also timeless beauty. Moreover, with this kind of wood, you have endless decoration possibilities coming your way!

  • Whitewashed flooring trend:

If you are going for the whitewashed look of the floor, then you can get that with the timber flooring Brookvale as well. It helps in offering that easy-going vibe, mainly to cover the kitchen areas in the modern household. It will offer that “beach” vibe, which is also more like one upscale contemporary feel. It solely depends on the rest of your home’s décor.

These are a few of the many wooden flooring trends that you are likely to see in 2021! You are more than welcome to give anyone a try, which seems to match with the entire décor of your place.


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