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For someone who is not acquainted with a hydraulic wrench, it is important to know the basics. An Enerpac hydraulic wrench is a power tool. It is made so that it can exert torque for fastening, loosening, or tightening a connection. The method used in the process is hydraulics. There are numerous applications to using a hydraulic wrench for the purpose mentioned. Some examples of industries that require the help of hydraulic wrenches are- petrochemical, refinery, mining etc. There are many styles and designs available to suit your needs. The types have different features that are suited to specific industries. 


The different types


There are mainly two main types of hydraulic wrenches that have different features according to the type and design. These are-


  • Low profile cassette-style Enerpac hydraulic wrench
  • Square drive single body Enerpac hydraulic wrench
  • Modular, low profile and square drive hydraulic wrench


Low profile cassette-style


This works the best in spaces that don’t have a lot of space for operation. The design is low profile and works best for areas where the access is limited. Driver units in combination with hex cassettes make up for the design of the torque wrenches. This is an easy to use Enerpac hydraulic wrench that can be used quite often. The torque offered by this type of hydraulic wrench is low and makes it quite durable in comparison to other types. The cassettes can easily be replaced by other brand compatible cassettes for the proper functioning of the hydraulic wrench in cases where problems arise.


Square drive single body style


Sockets are provided along with the square drive wrench for the proper functioning of these styles of hydraulic wrenches. This consists of only a single body. This design is thus quite durable and sturdy. These are made of steel or aluminium or both. Each element imparts some added features to the wrench. Both combined provide superior durability with added portability. Aluminium is quite durable and so is steel. However, aluminium is also very light, thereby allowing it to be transported easily from one place to another. 


How to choose?


Now that you are familiar with the different Enerpac hydraulic wrench that you can purchase, it is important to know which one to choose and then purchase to serve your purpose. The eBay way to choose is by considering the applications.


  • For working in spaces that are small and with obstacles, it is best to go for the low profile cassette-style of the hydraulic wrench. This takes care of all your space-related problems and makes it easy for you to use the wrench.
  • If the user is going to be frequent, make sure to invest in the single body Enerpac hydraulic wrench. This type of steel body single body wrench is extremely reliable and stays put for a very long time. It is something you can always depend on.
  • Go for an aluminium body if portability is your concern. Aluminium being ultra-light allows for the portability of the hydraulic wrench.
  • You can also choose depending on the torque requirement. The requirement for more torque needs the square drive style to work the best.

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