Sat, Dec 10, 2022

When you own a residential or commercial property, it is essential to make all possible arrangements to protect the area and maintain safety within the premises. When the traffic movement is very high in the commercial complex, it is a good idea to install car park bollards that will ensure the safety of people and assets. But before investing, you should know clearly how these bollards are going to contribute to safety maintenance. 

Improve traffic management

One of the biggest problems in the car parking lots is accurate traffic flow management. Careless drivers create unnecessary traffic clogs by trying to break the queue and move forward for early entry or exit. 

  1. The car park bollard installation has become almost mandatory to channel the traffic in a proper lane and maintain the lanes throughout. 
  2. When there is some work under progress in some of the sections of the car parking space, it is necessary to place the diversion in the right positions to isolate the areas under work. 

Bollards are undoubtedly the best equipment to maintain smooth traffic movement in the parking lot.

Promote the safety of people

There is always a fear of pedestrians coming in close proximity of the cars, leading to unexpected accidents sometimes. Traffic and pedestrians don’t complement each other in terms of infrastructure needs. Therefore, you need a solution to keep both safe. 

  • Use of car park bollards to clearly mark the pedestrian walkways and car driveways is beneficial. 
  • You can also clarify the crossing areas to ensure that the pedestrians do not come in the way of the cars, even when the vehicles are slowly mobbing at the entry or exit points. 

Smooth traffic flow

Have you seen the condition of the parking lot during peak business hours? There is always this long queue of cars and horns blowing. Think of the drivers who are driving on the property for the first time. They are unaware of the traffic channelization and when the wide way will merge with narrow lanes. 

  • The car park bollard installation aims to minimize risk factors as the line of bollards can effectively prevent drivers from mounting on the kerbs accidentally or intruding into the pedestrian walkways. 
  • You can also provide a proper visual sign to alert the drivers for the upcoming narrow road or sharp bends.

This way, you can protect then property from acing rough traffic movement.

Minimize human resources

The chief aim of any business organization should be to minimize human resources so that you can increase the profit margin. Imagine how much you can save by minimizing the human recruits who work day and night to maintain the traffic movement in and out of the parking area. 

Installing the car park bollards will ensure maintenance of proper traffic stream without placing many guards at every point. With half or one-fourth of the existing workforce, you can control the traffic flow, organized pedestrian control, and segregate the channels of traffic movement. It is kind of automating the traffic flow without potential risks.


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