Wed, Mar 29, 2023

If you are doing a little research on the floors, you must have come across the term floating floor a number of times. But do you know what a floating floor is? The term refers to a particular type of floor installation rather than the material of the floor itself.

So the floating timber floors have attachments between the floorboards by locking or snapping but without any attachment to the underlying floor:

1) A temporary option:

when it comes to installing a floor, there can be three ways to execute the job. The installers will nail down, glue down, or keep the floor in floating condition. The first two options are more permanent as they have a complete attachment to the sub-floor. When you get the timber floating flooring, it indicates that you are getting yourself a click-together floor.

  • That is why the flooring is also called snap-together or click-lock flooring. 
  • The flooring planks have an intricate tongue-and-groove system that will allow the installers to snap them in place seamlessly. 

2) Multiple advantages:

No flooring option will earn popularity unless the option has several utilities. Customers have placed some common advantages of this type of floating floor which you will get to know from the following part.

  • Eco-friendly substance

Most of the floating timber floors are eco-friendly by nature. The manufacturers have to use the least volume of wood, and some comprise entirely environment-friendly materials. You can place the structure over the existing floor without damaging the sub-floor anyway. The material and style make the product highly flexible.

  • Reduced cost and time

When most of the flooring options are considerably expensive, the floating floors are much cheaper, even when you choose the best quality of timber. 

  • The ease of installation reduces the time necessary for installing the floor. It is all about connecting the boards like solving a jigsaw puzzle. The flooring installer gas to hold all the pieces together to form a cohesive floor. 

You have options to select from the tongue and groove style or the click-lock version, which will make it easier to install the timber floating flooring. 

  • The comfort of the floor

If you walk barefoot on the different types of floors, you will feel that the experience differs from the difference in the material. While walking on the floating floor, you will realize that the experience is better as it enhances the flexibility of the body by providing an accurate surface to walk. Do you know why such a thing happens?

It is because of the air cushion between the substrate and the floating floor. It will make the walking experience more comfortable. The floating timber floors thus can help you to put lesser stress on your back and knees.

  • Reuse option

As the floating floor has no attachment to the underlying layer, it will be easy to pull it off when you want to repair or replace it. Depending on the brand of the flooring material, you can easily unlock the boards and relocate them as per necessity. 



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