Sat, Mar 25, 2023

As a golf fan, you love collecting signed golf memorabilia. And, there is a long list of options where you can invest in collecting signed balls, caps, photographs, gloves, shoes, and many more. But, with a large number of fake sellers online and offline, you have to check the authenticity of the stuff you are buying, especially if you buy from an unofficial source.  

Ever wondered how you would know if the autograph on the article is real? If yes, check out some important factors before investing in a fake collectible.  


  1. The reputation of the dealer or any site :

 This factor can relieve almost half of the concern regarding the originality of the signed golf memorabilia. As a dealer with a good reputation will not use the trust of their buyers, you can rely on them for your purchases. So, search for a dealer who you can trust. Mostly, reputable online sites and dealers will provide you with collectibles with hologram, authenticity certificates, or a picture of the signing session.  

It gives you more assurance. Though you can rely on these sellers, that doesn’t mean you can fully trust them because it is not hard to create a fake authenticity certificate or pictures these days. You have to look for more reassurance factors.  

  1. Search about the player :

Research on the player whose autographed golf memorabilia you are buying is a notable factor. Not every player will sign any equipment. Generally, they find it hard to sign on a golf ball. If you are getting a golf ball that has the sign of the famous golf player Phil Mickelson, then it’s a guaranteed fake. He used to give his autograph on these articles in his early sports life. But now, he will sign any equipment, but not this one. 

When you invest in buying from an in-person dealer, then compare the piece with the same available online. Search for the real signature of a particular player and the cost of his signed golf memorabilia online, and check if these details match with your collectible. 

  1. Don’t fall for an unbelievable offer :

Some dealers will come with “too good to be true” kind of offers. In that case, they will offer you a rare item at a very low cost. You need to be highly careful with such sellers cause they are most probably fake. Indeed, the rates may go up and down depending on the demand and supply. But there is nothing like a discount with signed sports memorabilia.  

If you are buying through some unofficial sources, there is a big risk. Search about the ratings and reviews of that dealer if he has an online presence. Make sure to ask them questions like what is the source of the signed equipment. If they hesitate, they are not the ones to rely on. 

Conclusion : 

You can buy signed golf memorabilia for yourself or as a gift for your friend or someone in the family. You can use the pointer above to get yourself a genuine golf memorabilia. You can also get the originality checked with the help of a third-party authenticator. So, go ahead and create a collection of your favourite sports memorabilia. 



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