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The inductive Loop Detectors in the Newcastle system are composed of more than one wire loop embedded in the pavement, a splice between the lead-in wire and the lead-in cable in the pull box. The lead-in cable is usually in a conduit and connects to the terminal strip in the controller cabinet; the cable from the connecting loop to the terminal strip to the inductive loop has interconnections.

Techniques of Installing the Loop Detector

The inductive loop detectors are installed in Portland cement Concrete Cutting Newcastle pavements. The following process is followed to install the loop detector:

  • Cutting a slot

A cut in the slot in the concrete pavement to make the space for the installation of the loop detector.

  • Cleaning and drying the slot

After cutting the slot and making space, the space is cleaned and dried.

  • Laying in the inductive-loop detector wire

The inductive loop detector wire is then laid in the space.

  • Sealing the sawdust

The sawdust is then sealed in the space after laying the inductive Loop Detectors in Newcastle.

  • Connecting the wire to the lead-in cable

Then the wire of the inductive loop detector is connected to the lead cable.

  • Connecting the cable to the terminal strip in the cabinet

After connecting the loop to the lead wire, the terminal strip is connected to the cable in the cabinet.

  • Ensuring the harness connects the terminal strip to the electronic unit

The last step of installing an inductive loop detector in Newcastle is to ensure that the harness connects the terminal strip to the electronic unit.

Failures of Inductive Loop Detector 

The main cause of inductive loop failure is the predominant cause of the Concrete Cutting Newcastle failures. The improvement of the installation techniques is mandatory.

  • Frequency of failure of inductive loop detector

The inductive loop detector failure rate differs from agency to agency. The factors that contribute to the failure of the loop are the age of the loop, the condition of the pavement, and many more. The failure rate is reported in different surveys. The rate of failure of inductive Concrete Cutting Newcastle differs from state to state, place to place. 

  • Failure mechanism of inductive loop detector

Most of the failures originate in the loop wire. Though the wire is not the sole problem of failure occurs. The failure also occurs with several breakdown mechanisms, including pavement condition and improper installation of sealant. This allows the wire to float to the top and become vulnerable to deterioration caused by traffic movement.

Inductive loop detector installation summary

The system of installing a loop detector is simple. But it is very important to fill yourself with knowledge about how it works and how you need to install it properly without any mistakes. Any mistake in the installation can lead to the failure of the Loop Detector in Newcastle. It would help if you kept in mind the following before installing a loop detector

  • Use a performed loop before the pavement is installed.
  • Saw-cut loop should be used when the pavement has already been installed.
  • The loop should be below 2″ below the concrete surface
  • The loop wire should be properly insulated.
  • The number of turns doesn’t affect the sensitivity.
  • The frequency of the detector increases as the temperature increases.
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