Sat, Apr 1, 2023

Do you like to eat charcoal chicken? It’s an incredible food item that sits well with the taste buds of the majority of people. Would you like to cook it on your own? If you have always ordered it from restaurants in Lurnea, it’s about time you experience how to cook it. We will discuss some important ingredients in charcoal chicken which will help you in cooking it just about right: 


You need a chicken to cook this item. You should go for a single chicken when you need to cook it for a couple of people. You will be required to cut it into 10 pieces. Have you done chicken chopping before? If you haven’t, do it rather carefully. You need to order quality chicken from a quality chicken shop in Lurnea. It can take more time but you need to cut those 10 pieces perfectly. If you’re going to take a couple of chickens, they need to be sliced in the same manner, 10 pieces each for all chickens.

Onion & Garlic 

To give the charcoal chicken an amazing taste, you will have to consider onions and garlic as important ingredients. How much do you go for? It would depend upon the quantity of the chicken you’re going to cook. In case you’re going to cook a single chicken, 1 onion is going to do enough. You need to chop it roughly. You can go for 10 cloves of garlic. In case you have a garlic paste available, you can have one teaspoon of it. 

Chilli, Pepper And Cumin Powder

Now it’s about spicing the charcoal chicken. If you love to eat the spicy version of chicken, all these ingredients are necessary to be added. All these items need to be added in the ratio of 1 tablespoon each. You can add these powders while cooking the item.

Red Chilli Flakes And Sugar 

You would have to add red chilli flakes and sugar to come up with a layered taste in the charcoal chicken. If we talk about red chilli flakes, you can go for an additional quantity when compared with chilli, pepper and cumin powder. You can have 2 tablespoons instead. Sugar will add a unique taste to the food item too, you need to have 1 tablespoon of sugar while cooking it. 

Oil And Lemon Juice 

You will need oil to cook all kinds of food items, the case doesn’t differ with charcoal chicken either. You can add ¼ cup of oil, no matter if you’re using mustard, refined or olive oil. Lemon juice is needed to give a hint of sourness to the food item. You can add vinegar instead of lemon juice too. 

Oregano And Cayenne Pepper Powder

You need to add one tablespoon of each of both these items too. It will give a more authentic taste to the charcoal chicken, just like what you got when you ordered it from a restaurant in Lurnea.  

You can blend all these ingredients, except chicken and oil to come up with a smooth paste. Put chicken in the marinade and mix well, marinate it for a couple of hours. Thereafter, you need to cook it on a grill to have the authentic taste of charcoal chicken in Lurnea. It can take time, but it’s worth every bit of it!