Thu, Mar 30, 2023

Hydac industrial equipment is manufactured on the global standards of customer focus, stringent quality measures, and unmatched expertise. The kit meets the market’s strict requirements and supports many businesses with customized offerings. Hydac industrial equipment goes beyond the traditional understanding of fluid engineering, systems, and hydraulics and are customer-centric, sustainable, and spans multiple industrial sectors and use cases. The solutions are also low waste, reliable, and significantly energy efficient. Some of the top equipment categories include but are not limited to:


Hydraulic and Mechanical Control:

With decades of experience in valve technology, Hydac hydraulic and mechanical control valves enable all hydraulic system design types and are an integral part of hydac industrial equipment. The in house manufactured valves are high in quality, strong in performance, stable, reliable, and are highly customized to particular applications. They perform optimally across their long service lives, and integration into valve manifolds or systems is quite simple.



As a vital part of hydac industrial equipment, cylinders are designed to provide long service lives with high loads. They are used across diverse and specific implementations, including power plants, safety actuation, bridge raising cylinders, unique purpose machine construction, etc. They act as critical drive elements in machine construction. These cylinders focus on the systems’ overall profitability, maintenance, service life, weight optimization, and energy efficiency. 



The hydac industrial equipment filters are designed to run systems with efficiency and safety. These are applicable across several substances, including processing fluids, coolants, fuel, water, lubricant, and hydraulic oil. The filters define measures for reducing fluid consumption and increasing the productivity of machinery and fluid analysis with intelligent solutions and efficient fluid conditioning. All machinery, systems, and components have high service lives, reliability, and extremely high quality. 


Hydraulic Accumulators: 

The high know-how of hydraulics is applied to all accumulator types, including metal bellows accumulators, diaphragm accumulators, piston accumulators, and bladder accumulators. The exquisitely engineered tools simplify the process of maintenance, gas and fluid side protection, and proper and extensive installation. The hydac industrial equipment accumulators are highly versatile and robust. Some of the benefits include:

  • The energy efficiency of hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulic system security
  • Convenience of usage



One of the chief offerings of hydac industrial equipment is the sensors. There are various sensor types, including:

Distance sensors – Measures distance to fluids and objects.

Rotational speed sensors – Detects the movement of ferromagnetic structures such as perforated disks, gear rims, or gear wheels. 

Pressure sensors – Records pressures in fluid technology systems.

Tilt sensors – Ensures functionality of control processes, techniques, and machines by measuring angles of inclination.

Liquid level sensors – Are based on ultrasonic, magnetostrictive, and capacitive measurements. Used for diverse industrial tasks related to fluid level measurement.


Oil condition sensors: Are used across mobile and industrial applications to facilitate the online monitoring of oil conditions.

Temperature sensors: Installed temperature switches to evaluate measure temperatures in an industrial setting. 



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