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When talking about cheap tiles available in Liverpool, porcelain and ceramic turn out to be the cheapest ones. These are finely handcrafted with decorative finishes. Further, most owners prefer buying tiles online as the rates are affordable there. They can pick and weigh all their options and pay prices for the same. Also, there are various designs to choose from with no interference from the managing and sales team. There are certain tricks to keep in mind while purchasing cheap tiles online. 

Ways to Purchase cheap tiles online

  • Find out the actual tile price with no mix.

The subway tile is the classic tile primarily used in kitchens. Further, the prices of the tiles can also skyrocket prices when found online. The buyers have to research the tiles well and then pay for them. Sometimes the cheap tiles cost up to $300 double, which is not good. 

Find the tile floors by bringing all the factors together. Likewise, it’s best to make a spreadsheet about the retailers and tile prices. Also, add all the extra costs like handling and shipping. It provides excellent detail on the cost of tile online. 

  • Where possible, use ceramic and not porcelain.

Porcelain and ceramic look pretty similar, but they are very different products. Besides, the porcelain has an absorption rate of 0.5%, standing up to moist environments. The ones that are highest in price are 15% of porcelain and ceramic together. 

Wherever possible, use ceramic to make up for the parts of porcelain. All the ceramic tiles are best to be used in the bathrooms. 

  • It’s best to avoid the concept of returning tiles.

Even though online stores make it easy to return, people should avoid that. Don’t return the cheap tiles that you purchase. Moreover, replacing about 300 tiles is baseless and is a massive loss for the company. They will not want to deal with the business again. This is why many tile owners first provide sample two to three tiles to the ones in need. 

This can be termed as a business move to save the dread of returning all the tiles. It’s best to test the tiles first and then make a move. 

  • It’s not just ceramic or porcelain all the time.

Apart from just these two categories, there are so many others like vinyl tile. It has a shinier and glossier feel enhancing the rooms. Also, the tiles look so natural and flexible in themselves. The other category is the resilient tile having a stone product. 

It contains about 25% polymers and 75% of limestone. The limestone adds a charm to the tiles, making them so much worth buying. Further, it is lighter than ceramic, covering a lesser square foot in one go. 


Since tiles available in Liverpool are lighter, the shipping is also not that costly. Take tiles online and save the hassle of not getting what you want. Authentic cheapest tiles are sold online just how it is needed. 


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