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As far as selecting kitchen benchtops is concerned, marble remains the best choice for homeowners. There is no surprise that marble backsplashes and countertops are trendy. Both the materials have been attracting fans for millennia. 

But marble is not a perfect product. Some good-quality marbles, like world-class products from Italy and Carrara, are relatively nonporous and dense. However, they also have some weaknesses. Any acidic kitchen liquid can affect marble, leaving a whitish, dull mark that has slightly eaten off the surface. That might occur even after you have sealed the marble. 

But as long as you select carefully, know what to expect, and care properly, marble benchtops in Sydney can be a functional choice for your kitchen.  Here we have rounded up expert tips on how to choose the perfect marble benchtop. 

  • Stick to white marble if you are concerned about stains

The majority of the homeowners stick to the creamy white tint when they think of marble. However, there are hundreds of varieties. For marble kitchen countertops, experts generally suggest sticking to white marble. That is because acid etching leaves behind a whitish mark, much more prominent on hued marble. 

While selecting the best quality marble benchtops in Sydney, you can stick to classic Italian white marbles like Statuario and Calacatta, which are of excellent quality. 

  • Consider how different marble slabs will fit together

Remember that marble is a natural stone, and every stone slab is slightly different. So, ensure that you select the exact pieces of stone that you will be using for your countertops. Selecting marble slab and understanding where the veining will match is an art. You need to place the markings artfully so that it looks like a painting.  

Also, it’s essential to consider how the different pieces will come together. The longer the parts you get without any seams, the better. If the slabs do have seams, it’s always perfect to book-match the marble. 

  • Veining patterns matter

You need to remember that every quarry is different. But it is possible to cut some types of marble blocks in two different ways to achieve unique veining patterns. Fleuri cut or crosscut with a free floral design in stone slabs will look relatively random and is perfect or book-matching. In the vein cut or striato, the slices block the other way to get a linear and striped appearance. 

  • Transform the look with different finishes

The entire stone industry is going through a massive wave of technology and is transforming the product. At present, there are more techniques than ever to finish the stone slab, including polishing and brushing techniques. You can get marble benchtops in Sydney with an orange-peel-like texture that you might call a river-wash, brushed, or leather finish. 

However, the most popular choices are polished and look glossy or honed, which appears matte. If you are concerned about acid etching, we recommend going for a honed finish. The etching is going to dull a polished finish. But in case of a sharp finish, you are dulling an already flat look, so it is going to disguise it. 

  • Consider curving the edges of the marble countertop

Apart from its natural beauty, there are numerous reasons why marble has been so popular in the sculpting industry: it’s easy to work using tools. Now add modern computer numerical milling machines to the equation, and almost everything is possible in kitchen decorating. 

You have countless edge profiles to choose from, but experts prefer a simple eased edge that takes the sharpness off a direct 90-degree corner. You can also select a bull’s nose, which is functional and a timeless favourite. It is also possible to engrave the edge of white marble benchtops in Sydney with your chosen pattern. 

  • Call the marble provider before your visit

You should call the slab marble service provider to inquire about their marble slab options that meet the type, colour, dimension, and square foot measures that you need. You should also book an appointment and inform them when you will visit the shop to get a tour of the different marble slabs they have. That will allow the shop to pull out their stock of slabs in advance so that when you arrive, they can take you directly to the selection that meets your requirement. 

To conclude, the best part about marble is that you can always polish it or sand it down again. With several other materials, you cannot do that once you damage it. So, call a reputable marble slab facility today to buy marble benchtops in Sydney of your choice.   



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