Thu, Mar 30, 2023

Installing curtains is one method to make a statement with interior design in your home; adding curtains to the window frame may alter the atmosphere of the space entirely. Curtains not only complete the beauty of the space, but they are also quite useful because they provide you privacy in your house and offer excellent light control depending on the fabric you choose. Depending on the style of curtains you choose, installing them is rather easy.

Curtain tracks must be installed for a variety of curtain types, which might be intimidating. Many people also have questions regarding how to install the curtain gliders for curtain tracks, but doing so is actually rather straightforward.

How to Install Gliders for Curtain Tracks?

  • Take The Track End Off

The stop end or track end must be removed before installing the gliders; additional gliders may be purchased if you feel your curtains could use more stability. Curtain gliders should come with your curtain track.

  • Setting Up The Gliders

It’s critical to arrange the gliders in a specific way so that the curtains hang neatly and don’t sag at the top. As a general rule, try to space your gliders along the curtain track every 8 to 10 cm.

  • Put The Gliders in

The glider channel is simple to insert the curtain gliders into. Avoid twisting the track’s end to avoid jamming the glider.

  • Attach the drapes

When all of your curtain gliders are in position, you’re ready to hang the curtains. To do this, make sure you have a secure ladder and, if possible, a helper.

Gliders, which enable curtains to open and close on a curtain track, are a crucial component of hanging your curtains. On the curtain track, gliders often travel along or over the front of a channel, although occasionally they travel along the bottom. Typically, this varies according to the kind of curtains you select.

Why do you need curtain gliders?

Your curtains can be drawn smoothly from one end of the curtain track to the other with the help of gliders. Curtain gliders can be found on the front, back, or bottom of the curtain track, depending on the design of the track or curtains you select. In most cases, after the curtains are hung, the gliders on the track you’ve selected are concealed from view.

In recent years, curtain tracks have become more and more common. Curtain tracks with gliders typically make a great choice for modern interiors because of their slim profile. Curtain glider tracks can also be adjusted to fit into less conventional areas. You must first install the curtain rail before you can install the gliders.


It is preferable to purchase curtain gliders that match the brand and style of your curtain track because not all track gliders are compatible with all curtain tracks. If you’re unsure, take one of your curtain rail’s damaged tracks and compare it to online pictures or bring it into the store. 

You can typically do this quickly and efficiently without having to take the curtains down or disassemble the track, and it will guarantee that you get the right replacements.