Thu, Mar 30, 2023

Every person wishes to have good oral health and wants their teeth to look crystal clear white as it is a part of the overall appearance and hygiene maintained by a person. But it is commonly noticed that people get a yellowish coating on their teeth due to ageing, lack of proper hygiene etc, which needs to be cured.

Hence, these are some of the ways which can be suggested by any dentist in Kirrawee through which one can get rid of yellow teeth easily: 

  1. Regular brushing 

It is one of the most basic and effective ways to maintain oral hygiene and avoid yellow teeth. Brushing twice a day after waking up and before going to bed should be compulsory in your daily routine, no matter what. Also, brushing teeth should not be done in a hurry and should be done properly for about 2 to 3 minutes at least in a circular motion, so as to clean each and every surface of each tooth. Doing this simple activity on a regular basis will reduce the chances of your teeth becoming yellow.

  1. Deficiency of Vitamin-C

Vitamin C in your diet plays a huge role in maintaining your teeth. The most common cause of yellow teeth among teens and kids is a deficiency of vitamin C. When a good amount of vitamin C exists in the body, it doesn’t let the germs and bacteria form a layer on your teeth, keeping them white and shiny. So, one should make sure to have sufficient vitamin C in your diet, according to well-reputed dentists of Kirrawee in order to yellow teeth. Many citrus fruits can act as good sources of vitamin C and should be consumed regularly.

  1. Cider vinegar 

Whenever your teeth develop a yellowish layer or bacterial stains, then apple cider vinegar is recommended by many dentists. The chemical composition of apple cider vinegar enables it to remove those stains and a yellow layer that has developed on the surface of teeth, but it should be used cautiously. Using apple cider vinegar in a safe and prescribed quantity is very important as its over usage can lead to damage to the tooth’s surface.

  1. Charcoal

After much research, it has been concluded that charcoal helps in removing the tough stains and yellow layer on the teeth. Due to this, many dentists in Kirrawee recommend people use toothpaste that has charcoal in them. 

  1. Baking soda 

This is one of the most used methods by households to treat yellow teeth at home. Nowadays, even in the market, toothpaste is available that contains baking soda in them. Otherwise, the household traditionally puts a pinch of baking soda powder on their brush while regularly brushing and rinsing with water usually. So it is a really good way of dealing with yellow teeth on your own safely.

Hence, these are some of the ways even suggested by the dentists in Kirrawee by which one can maintain perfect oral hygiene and there will be no awkward yellow stains on your teeth again.