Thu, Mar 30, 2023

When you are ready to start a project that involves upholstery, you can start by asking friends and family for recommendations for upholstery services. Your sister may have worked with someone who could make a worn, crackling leather chair look brand new. Referrals from people you trust are a great way to find a service that worked well for them.

You can also look online to find upholstery near you to help you with your furniture. Check out the company’s website and look at their galleries or portfolios to get an idea of their style and quality of work. Look at customer reviews on the company’s website, on Google, and on third-party sites to get a complete picture of how happy customers are with the company.

Before Hiring an Upholstery Service

You have talked to friends and family, do some research online, and now you’re interested in a few different companies. Before you sign a contract or give your family’s dining room chairs to a service, you should do more research to find the best one for you.

Plan Your Upholstery Project for Accurate Quotes.

You will need to tell people more about the project to get the most accurate quotes. Measure the piece of furniture you want to reupholster and the type of item. If you know how old it is, tell us that, too. Older things might be fragile and need more time, care, or special tools and fabrics to fix.

Lastly, where will this item be kept? Will it go inside by a sunny window, be used in your living room, or could it go outside on your porch? These details can help someone who does upholstery figure out what kinds of fabric to use.

Check for Qualifications and References

When you hire a contractor to fix your bathroom or add to your house, they must have the proper licenses and certifications to do these dangerous jobs. There are no strict licensing rules for upholstery services, but many professionals have spent years taking sewing classes and working as apprentices to improve their skills.

Ask to talk to people who have used the upholstery service before to find out how it works. You should talk to three references for each business you are considering hiring. You can ask a contractor’s references many questions, like what kind of work they did for the client, if they stuck to the schedule and budget, and if the client was happy with the result.

Interviewing the Shortlist

Now that you’ve narrowed your list of top upholstery services near you, you can start getting ready to hire the company and get to the fun part: customizing your project and watching the team give new life to your old furniture.

Interviewing the companies on your shortlist is a great way to determine if this will be a good working relationship for you. It also allows you to ask important questions, such as where the company gets its fabric and if it can fix frames in bad shape.


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