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Australian homes are examples of a perfect balance of elegance and luxury. It stands for a high standard of luxurious ambience with a touch of subtlety that makes the décor look sublime. 

Hampton style renovation has become popular in Australia. It appeals to the basic aesthetic of the people. It combines a comfortable and relaxed feel with the opulence of soft and natural textures of fabrics and pastel colours. 

Hampton Colours

One of the main focuses of the Hampton style renovation is the colours used for décor. No matter the existing colour scheme you have at present will undergo a complete overhaul in the process.

Hampton colours are always pastel shades and natural textures. The use of linen and cotton is preferred to the use of other fabrics. In some cases, there are combined effects brought about for a more luxurious appeal in addition to comfort. 


Hampton style renovation is deeply rooted in a coastal theme. Here are a few factors that play a central theme in this décor style.

  • The sea beach or the ocean front.
  • The sunshine.
  • The breeze. 
  • A holiday feeling.
  • Calm and relaxed minds.

If you imagine these factors combined with your house’s external and interior décor, the following inclusions will be relatable. 

  • More use of natural fabrics like cotton and fine linen. 
  • The use of pastel shades and natural colour tones will be frequent. 
  • Self-textured fabrics are used. 
  • The use of intricate woodwork will be minimal. 
  • Soft cushiony furniture like beds, chairs, and sofas is used more. 
  • Large-sized glass windows.
  • The use of French doors.
  • White columns and Balustrades. 

How The Work Is Done 

When you are in Australia, you may wish to have a Hampton style renovation in your home. Australia has a vast coastline, and the Hampton style perfectly complements the décor. 

You can consult a company near you. These professional renovation specialists convert your present home into a Hampton-styled home. 

  • Contact a reliable and credible company that has experience in building similar homes. 
  • During the first appointment, discuss the renovation in detail. Point out the part of the house you wish to renovate. It can be the whole house, part of it, or simply the main living area – the choice is yours.  
  • Decide on the budget first. Understand the costs and assess your budget. Costs are kept affordable and within pocket-friendly range. Most importantly, you have a professional assurance that the budget stays in control. 
  • Most companies will assess the area space for a Hampton style renovation and quote their price for it. It is an all-inclusive package that leaves you worry-free. 
  • Once the design details and budget are final, a project manager will take over the responsibility for the work to commence. 


Having a professional company handle your choice of Hampton style renovation means the work will commence soon after the detailed discussion and agreement. They will give you tentative dates for completion. In most cases, it is the final date of handover.


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