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Steel has some unique properties. It does not catch rust. Pipe fittings made of steel are the best grade. The fittings find its use in different applications.

  • Steel is best approved for industrial use
  • The material is long-lasting
  • It can withstand pressure and temperature

But not all grade stainless steel pipe fittings are ideal for industrial use. You need the right grade material, based on application. Before you select, you have to consider certain points. 

Top 7 points discussed here will ease your selection. You can focus on the points provided here.

1. Formability aspect

Do you need to select industrial hoses and fittings? You have to consider formability first. For industrial use, formability has to be best.

Steel grade might vary for industrial use. Always focus on selecting steel that has 300 or above formability grade. Do not exceed 400-mark as the material gets more brittle.

Before buying industrial hoses and fittings, collect details of the formability rate. Always go with austenitic material grade.

2. Welding grade

Not all types of steel are best for welding. This material in general is not easy to weld. For industrial use, stainless steel pipe fittings should be welding grade.

The steel that is carbon mix is best. It is easy to weld. The quality is more durable. Even if it gets rust, the material does not develop cracks.

3. Hardened steel

You will fit pipe fitting and hose on the main transporting pipeline. Leaks can develop if the material gets rusted. Hardened steel industrial hoses and fittings offer a better results.

You may not need a replacement for years. Hardened steel may not develop cracks with time.

4. Machined material

For industrial use, machined material is best. You may need to machine the material. Optimization is natural for industrial use. Select stainless steel pipe fittings that are machine grade.

This makes the process of machining easy. Carbon and sulfur base steel is best material. It is hard and easy to machine. You can fabricate it as you want.

5. Corrosion resistant

Steel can get rusted with time. Oxidation is common in steel. It is metal. For industrial hoses and fittings rust is never appreciated. Go with steel material that does not catch rust.

Corrosion-resistant steel will be expensive, but long-lasting. It is durable as well.

How To Decide Pipe Fitting That Is Best For Use?

6. Galvanized steel

Steel grade that is easy to galvanize is best. You can search for stainless steel pipe fittings that you can galvanize. This process increases its life span.

Galvanized steel will be less prone to damage and leakage. The coating will protect the steel layer. Nickel is the best coating material.

7. Heat treatment

Not all types of steel are best for heat treatment. This type can withstand high temperature. Industrial hoses and fittings should withstand heat.

The material you use should not expand much on heating. Nickel coating will make the steel resistant to heat.

When selecting stainless steel pipe fittings you have to consider application. 

Right selection of steel material is important for industrial use. This prevents accidents from happening. It also reduces maintenance.

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