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If you live close to nature, your home will become a better place to live. By giving your home a natural landscape, you can be close to nature. Plant some floral plants, decorative plants, and other plant species that can survive and grow in your region. You can also include some water features to add a more natural touch. The addition of garden water features Sydney to your home will enhance the overall appearance. The homeowners have a wide range of options with various sizes and styles for water features. So, to choose the right garden water features read the following tips:

Consider the available space.


A water fountain should blend in with your landscaping as it is a key feature in your yard. An excessively huge water fountain could make your yard appear crowded. You won’t get the desired aesthetic impact if the foundation is too small. What kind of fountain will blend in both practically and artistically will depend on where the fountain is placed. You can take a picture of your yard and add various types of fountains in front of your house using a photo-editing tool. You will get a sense of the potential design from this.

Weight of the foundation


The weight of the fountain is the next factor you should think about, which many people forget. The weight of a substantial cast stone or concrete fountain might be too much for your patio to support. You can think about fibreglass fountains for more lightweight material. It is crucial to keep in mind that concrete patios can support more weight than wood patios. Before placing your order, it is important to confirm that the fountain you have selected can be supported adequately by your patio or deck. As there are different types of fountains in garden water features in Sydney, you can choose the one that suits your weight preference. 

The purpose of the garden water feature


Think about the goals you have for your water feature. Utilizing water features can provide the idea of more space, and the sound of moving water can assist in muffling outside noises like traffic. Lilies and other aquatic plants have a unique smell and beauty of their own. Be clear on your objectives so you can choose the appropriate type of feature to help you reach them. It can be anything like if you want to add a tranquil and relaxing area or more interesting and beautiful.



The splash of the fountain should be your final consideration. To some extent, every fountain will splash beyond its border. The ground could become slippery to walk on if water is falling on a nearby surface, such as a patio. Instead of multi-tiered fountains, choose urn fountains that bubble and flow down the sides of the fountain if you want a minimal splash. Fountain tubing can be fitted with flow restrictors to lessen the amount of water that flows to the pump’s top.

Final thoughts


Water features can enhance the beauty and serenity of your outdoor environments, whether they are for a residential or business space. The garden water features Sydney has options for any budget and water features to accommodate all space needs.

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