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Choosing a perfect headstone is more challenging than you think. Whether you are choosing an option for your loved one or yourself, it is necessary to consider several factors. Remember that choosing a tombstone headstone is a significant aspect of the funeral planning process. The grave memorial signifies the personality of the deceased person. Apart from this, you must also choose a marker that stands the test of time. 

Read the following to know how to choose a suitable headstone.

  • Understanding the rules and regulations of the cemetery

Before buying a headstone, you need to carefully read the rules and regulations of the cemetery. Several cemeteries have restrictions regarding the type of headstones they allow. For instance, the memorial parks permit stones that help in maintaining a uniform look and the other cemeteries permit granite or bronze headstones for maintenance. Therefore, you need to avoid buying headstone without carefully studying the rules and regulations of the cemetery. 

  • Selecting the material for the headstone

You may pick the best headstone designs but before going into it, you must pay attention to choosing a material for a headstone. You will come across materials, such as limestone, granite, marble and bronze. While each option has its pros and cons, you must know the best option that suits your situation. Granite is a highly flexible and adjustable stone available in different shades and finishes. Marble offers a great finish but it is not to be used for all kinds of burial grounds due to less strength and longevity. 

Limestone is a convenient option that changes drastically over time and is highly popular when compared to the other materials for headstones. Bronze, on the other hand, is not the material to use in different burial grounds, primarily due to its cost. 

  • Inscriptions

The inscriptions on the headstone usually refer to the name, date of birth and death of the deceased person and used for paying tribute. You need to know the space required for adding words or symbols. Generally, the engravers charge based on the letter, so you can try to make it short to fit your budget. 

  • Selecting a finish

You can choose from varying finishes on the headstone, such as polished, eggshell, pitched, or partly polished. The polished headstone looks smooth and shiny but requires a great deal of maintenance. There are certain parts of the gravestone you may want to highlight, so you can also let it stay semi-polished in those areas. In the eggshell option, you can remove the layer of polish and leave it smooth and the pitched option is the conventional variety you can select for the traditional yards around the churches. 

  • Things to remember

If you want to avoid expensive changes, it is necessary to study the papers before signing them for the final headstones designs. While you can explore as many options as possible, obtaining referrals from friends and family members can help you choose a headstone company. You need to also get a warranty with the purchase to ensure that you can revert to them in case of issues.

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