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The best thing about hardwood timber furniture is that it has an excellent quality wood when looked after and maintained correctly. This will, therefore, results in its longevity

How can you retain the appearance or hardwood timber furniture?

How to Maintain the Appearance of Hardwood

The first thing you should do after receiving your furniture is re-oiling it, after doing this for the first time, you can do the oiling regularly that is like after every two months when left uncovered. The main reason why you should oil your furniture is to maintain and preserve the original colour and make the furniture more resistant to weathering. Besides, oiling will also help in minimizing the surface cracks. You do not need to treat your hardwood timber furniture more often; however, doing so will help in keeping the furniture as good as new. If the timber furniture is left untreated, the colour will fade out and become dull.

It is recommendable therefore to have a furniture cover to help in protecting and preserving its colour, especially during winter months. When you use a cover, you will only need to do oiling less often since the hardwood timber furniture will not be exposed to weather from day to day. You can get a range of waterproof furniture from different websites for your furniture.

How to Oil your furniture

Before doing oiling ensure your hardwood timber furniture is cleaned and dried thoroughly. You can do this by using a stiff brush and scrub the surface using warm soapy water. If the dirt is not removed correctly before treating the wood, it may cause black marks on the surface where the dirt and oil have mixed.

Once you have prepared the bench, you can apply the oil while paying particular attention to the grain, hidden surface areas as well as the joints. Then you will be needed to wipe off excess oil using a clean cloth while waiting for the oil to dry fully before you can use the furniture.

What Happens if Cracks Appear?

Cracks appear typically when there are dry spells of weather and mostly when the wood has been treated. The cracks are generally normal and are likely to occur but will not affect the strength as well as the durability of the furniture. The cracks, however, disappear once the weather returns to normal.

What to do about Sap Resin

It is usual for small amounts of sap resin to appear on the surface of the hardwood timber furniture in certain climatic conditions. In case you find out that the adhesive has crystallized you can remove it using a stiff brush. If the surface is stick to touch, you can use an appropriate tool in removing the resin pools and use white spirit to wipe clean the area.

Finally, once you have treated your hardwood timber furniture, you can comfortably sit back and enjoy your well-oiled hardwood furniture for a longer time.


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