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Despite the emergence of newer designs of fences, the chain link fence is still popular among homeowners. What could be the reasons that chain link fence is ubiquitous? Here are a few things to consider. Here are the reasons to consider chain link fences.

  • One of the biggest reasons to choose a chain link fence is its affordability.  If you want to stay within the budget, using a chain link fence would be the right choice.
  • The chain link fence is easy to install effectively, especially if you have less time to complete the job as all you need is install the rails and posts to hang the mesh.
  • While some fences require repair, cleaning, and regular maintenance, the chain-link fences can provide you relief from the hassles.
  • In areas where heavy security is essential, you can install the chain link fences for obtaining protection. 
  • The chain link fences do not become damaged in severe weather conditions, so expect them to last longer than you think. 
  • The reasons why so many people prefer chain link fences are that they flaunt a classic appeal.
  • If you want to focus on the security of a property instead of creating a statement, the customers can look forward to a chain link fence. 

Building a chain link fence with privacy slats

When you are eager to build a chain link fence with privacy slats, you may have a lot of things in mind. The chances are that you may miss out the significant options during the installation work. The points below highlight the mistakes that you must avoid making when building a chain link fence with aluminium privacy slats.

  • Not remembering the permits

For building chain links with privacy slats, you may not remember to obtain permits even though it is easy to get one. However, the permit may vary based on the state and government rules and regulations that apply to the town where you live. The regulations decide what material to use for the chain link fence, its height, and how far it must stay from the road. It is worth getting the permits beforehand as you cannot regret after installing the entire fence only to take it back again. 

  • Not calculating the fence angles

Most yards have slopes, although some may be slight and others may be more intense. Whether the slope is more or less, you must explore the grade of the property during the installation of chain link fence with aluminium privacy slats as it can create problems later. Therefore, calculation of angles is a must during fencing work to make it more stable, tidy, or consistent. 

  • Setting the gates incorrectly

Most homeowners create a gate in the chain link fence to get easy access. If you are also eager to install a gate outdoors, you need to assess the measurement area of the gate to avoid incorrect installation. Apart from this, you must also install strong hinge posts from where the gates need to hang. Finally, inspection of the ground below the gate ensures that it is at a height off the ground to facilitate movement. 

  • Destroying the utility lines

When building a chain link fence with aluminium privacy slats, you need to call for supervision to ensure where the utility and the water piping lines are. Be sure to avoid hitting them unnecessarily when digging holes.

  • Not using a string

You might think that inclusion of a string between the terminal posts is unnecessary but it is pretty much unavoidable to ensure that the chain link privacy fence is consistent. However, the string must stay free from any kind of slack and stay a few inches above the ground and stay tied to the outward face of the terminal post to assess the point where you must include more posts to the chain link privacy fence and mark it properly. 

Know the property line

If you are yet to recognise the boundary of your property, you may accidentally build the chain link fence with aluminium privacy slats in an area that is not a part of your property. Therefore, if you have doubts about your property lines, you need to check the official records of your town. A good option is to start building the fence a few inches away from the property line to avoid sneaking into the property of your neighbours.


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