Sat, Mar 25, 2023

If you are anything like us, you have got plenty of calluses on your feet. And chances are, you are not the only one. Hardworking feet can quickly accumulate calluses, which can make them difficult to remove. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of your calluses, you are in luck. Podiatrists in Riverwood use a number of methods to remove calluses, and we’ll outline each one below. So whether you’re looking for a fast and easy solution or want to know exactly how podiatrists in Riverwood remove callus, read on!

One thing to jot down is which calluses a podiatrist in Riverwood should remove. By replacing worn-out shoes or moving to footwear with greater heel and ball of foot support, a minor callus may be treatable. A larger-than-a-dime callus that is painful or ulcerated should be removed.

Callus Removal With A Surgical Blade

With a sterile surgical blade, podiatrists typically remove calluses from feet. The podiatrist may employ a blade that is held in their hand or one that is affixed to a handle. The podiatrist carefully and slowly slides the blade over the calloused area. Every time the surgical blade passes over a layer of dead skin, it removes one layer. The podiatrist will stop after live skin is visible behind the dead skin layers. To improve patient comfort, the edges of the callous will be rounded off with a pumice stone.

Callus Removal With A Scalpel

Podiatrists in Riverwood may use a scalpel to remove calluses. The podiatrist will carefully make an incision over the callused area and then excise the dead skin cells beneath with a sterile scalpel blade. This technique is less invasive than using a surgical blade and can be used on smaller areas as well as larger ones. People with diabetes who didn’t realise the callus has cracked open may need to use this treatment. It can also be required if you’re removing a callus from in between your toes. 

Trimming A Callus With an Electrical Tool

Podiatrists may use an electrical tool to trim away a callus. This is a less invasive technique than using either the scalpel or surgical blade and can be used on smaller areas as well. The podiatrist will first identify the edge of the callous using an instrument called a magnifying glass and then locate and attach the device to the power source. They will then slowly move it over the callused area, cutting away dead skin cells as they go along until live tissue is visible.

Callus Surgery

Podiatrists may use a surgical blade to remove a callus. This is the most invasive of the four methods and should only be used on large, thick or deep calluses that don’t respond to trimming or other treatments. The podiatrist will make an incision over the area and then carefully slide the blade over it until live tissue is exposed. They will then excise all of the dead skin cells with scissors or a scalpel and replace them with fresh, healthy skin.


There are four methods that podiatrists in Riverwood may use to remove a callus: trimming, using a scalpel, using an electrical tool, and surgery. Each has its own benefits; it’s important to choose the method that is most effective for the callus at hand.