Fri, Dec 9, 2022

With all its myriad forms, sizes, and ranges, it may be an uphill task for some people to discern the best stainless steel commercial kitchen bench for their business. This blog will focus on some crucial tips for purchasing stainless steel benches. 

Underline your buying goals or intentions

Determine why you want to purchase the equipment in the first place. Think about the processes you will perform on it. Do remember that the activities you perform in your commercial establishment will determine the level or grade of the bench. It must suit your business.

  • The grade for a caterer differs from that of a butcher. The former needs it to cut vegetables. 
  • Without considering your buying objective, you may later regret getting the wrong stainless-steel bench. 
  • Hence, you need to underline every activity you intend to perform on the workbench or benchtop before taking the final call. 

There are some benches that can endure knuckles and blows with zero sign of marks or dents. The manufacturers specifically make them for less invasive work. 

The budget compliance

Your budget plays a crucial role in the concerned grade of the stainless steel commercial kitchen bench you buy for your restaurant. The most economical one is the 18-grade steel bench. You can easily buy this steel product for placing, mixing, and rolling your cooking kinds of stuff, including ingredients. 

It’s not as sturdy and strong as the more durable and expensive 14-grade steel bench. 

Opting for benches with cabinets

If your stainless steel bench has cabinets, it’s a great addition. You can store all the leftover ingredients and other things there. 

  • The cabinets can keep your activities in one place. You don’t need to go helter-skelter to get small wares or leads. 
  • Your workbench will have everything you need for cooking. 
  • A cabinet underneath a steel bench also keeps your work in order. It thwarts any kind of mix-up.
  • When you arrange your ingredient bottle and tools, there won’t be a single mess or spillage during your cooking.
  • Additionally, you and the hotel personnel can perform the feat faster sans any disruption or disturbance.

Buy benches with wheels or castors.

As you already know, a stainless steel commercial kitchen bench comes in various designs and forms. Some showcase moveable features like wheels or castors. They help you to transport your bench from one end of the kitchen to another. 

  • A small bench with sturdy castors can help you collect items from the main workbench. 
  • You can carry plates to the dishwasher and bring them back to the racks without any stress. 
  • You can use the benches for returning every piece of equipment to their respective shelves in the kitchen. 

On the edges

People tend to make a very common mistake while purchasing these benches as they don’t underline the compatibility and hold of the edges of the benchtops vis-à-vis their proposed location. You need to remember that circular benchtops don’t work properly if you place them against the wall. However, they perform very well in the middle of the kitchen. 

You can consider rectangular or square edges for benches that you place beside the wall.


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