Thu, Mar 30, 2023

There are a lot of health problems, and one category among them is dental diseases and disorders. There are numerous dental issues that the majority of people are not even aware of. They don’t know the potential risks of ignoring their dental health. The dentists in Maroubra are well-equipped with medical devices and instruments that help to diagnose and treat these issues.

You must know that the dental health of an individual refers to the combined health of gums, teeth, and mouth. Generally, people assign the term ‘dental problems’ to the problems that affect oral health. Dental health problems include tooth erosion, gum diseases, gum infections, and cavities. These issues lead to certain infections, pain, and discomfort in the body.

These problems hamper a person’s ability to eat or speak and thus lead to lowered self-confidence in an individual. The dentists in Maroubra work on improving the aesthetics, getting relief from the pain, and letting them deal with the negative impact that might be interfering with their mental health.

Top 4 common dental problems

Some major dental issues that may arise in an individual’s lifetime are discussed below.

Cracked tooth

Eating too much hard food, not chewing properly, grinding teeth at night, or being in an accident can develop cracked or chipped teeth. This issue obstructs the look of your teeth and gums and often gets in the way of good communication and eating. The dentists in Maroubra will look after your affected area and provide effective treatments.

Sensitivity issues

Tooth sensitivity is a major issue among most people and tends to increase with age. Such patients develop sensitivity and pain when they eat hot or cold food. They cannot normally eat or drink like others. As the dentists say, the cause behind sensitivity could be a damaged enamel that leads to the sensations reaching the nerve endings. The dentists in Maroubra will advise on oral hygiene products.

Impacted teeth

An impacted tooth is a condition where a tooth cannot erupt due to a lack of space between the teeth. So, the tooth puts pressure and might develop against another tooth. This condition can lead to symptoms like bad breath, gum and jaw pain, and issues in opening the mouth. The dentists will look for the case closely and diagnose it using XRay.

Tooth erosion

Tooth erosion is a condition where the food that we consume affects the condition of our teeth. Some certain acids cause the enamel to wear away. People should not consume high-sugar and acid foods to prevent tooth erosion. Maroubra’s dentists offer a holistic treatment approach and provide major relief. People dealing with dry mouths are at higher risk of developing tooth erosion because they don’t have enough saliva to dilute or remove the acids.


The abovementioned issues must not be ignored, and you should contact an experienced dentist in Maroubra to get treated right. Any minor symptoms should be addressed with responsibility. Do make sure that you give your health first priority.


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