Thu, Mar 30, 2023

Managing teams & projects in this rather fateful year have been tricky, to say the least. And, to find their way around this crisis, many organizations have put their faith in online collaboration tools. 

There are numerous Collaboration apps & online project management tools to choose from. But, if you are a start-up or a small business looking to integrate a collaboration software, it is best that you try out a free version first. 

Here is a list of free collaborative apps that you can consider for your work. 


Asana is a comprehensive collaboration tool that can be integrated into organizations of any size. When it comes to project & task management, few other tools can match the capability of Asana. 

With the basic free version you can collaborate with up to 15 team members, and you get access to amazing features like time tracking, integration with external apps, coherent activity logs & reports and lists of projects & tasks, etc. 

Asana is a great tool for teams that work on multiple projects simultaneously. 


Flexibility & ease are two features that define Trello. Known for its highly visual interface, this collaboration tool is designed in a way; which makes the tool easy for even the technically challenged. 

The interface of Trello has a simple system made of boards, lists & cards, and the free version of this tool is a great option for start-ups and small teams. The highly customizable interface helps you design a workflow that is the most suitable for your team. 

A popular choice amongst collaboration apps, Trello is a tried and tested tool being used by many organizations & teams. 


Slack is an interactive tool that can be considered an alternative to the internal email communication that happens within an organization. It funnels internal communication into what it calls “channels” which can either be ‘public channels’, ‘closed channels’ for communication within a team or ‘private channels’ for conversation between two individuals. This effectively does away with emailing that happens amongst members of a team.

Slack is arguably the most sought after collaboration app available online, and although it’s paid subscriptions have great features, the free version is also worth mentioning. 

Organizations that adopt slack often get addicted to this tool.

Microsoft teams

If you need a collaboration tool for effective communication within your team and for easy file sharing; then Microsoft Teams is the solution for you. 

The free version of Microsoft Teams includes features like unlimited chat & search, online meeting & video calling, 10 GB file storage for team & 2 GB per person, and real-time collaboration with the office. 


A relatively new player in this field, Crotle has quickly made a name for itself for its simple design and a crystal clear dashboard. Excellent streamlining of work, better control of projects & tasks, timekeeping & effective monitoring are some defining features of this collaboration tool. 

With the free version of this tool, you can integrate up to 5 members of your team and you also get 5 GB storage space for your account. 


Another comprehensive collaboration tool that is quite popular and is used by some leading companies is Click up. Along with project management & collaboration capabilities, this tool also has good communication provisions like instant messaging and files & video sharing.  

This tool can prove to be rather effective for projects or tasks that are complex and long-drawn, and need careful and constant monitoring.  


By trying out free versions of these collaboration apps, you can find the one which is suitable for the unique needs of your organization. And, once you find the right match, you can always go for the more advanced paid versions of the tool.

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