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The task of choosing the correct flooring for your homes can be burdensome and confusing to some extent. The best solution would be to seek the advice of a professional in the field to warrant reliable guidance to proceed with the task with confidence. 

Listed below is a list of some of the most commonly used materials for curating flooring, along with their individual benefits and drawbacks for your perusal. You can find all these materials at flooring Rouse Hill services in Sydney.

      1. Vinyl Flooring

  • These are resistant to water and ideal if you live by the beach or with young ones who are likely to run around the house with wet feet. It’s a cost-efficient option as compared to timber flooring and is quieter as well. 
  • Vinyl is a highly durable surface that is adaptive to heavy foot traffic. 
  • The cost of such floors starts at $34 per square metre, not including installation. 
  • The positives of using vinyl include its water-resistant feature, they’re comfortable underfoot, easy to maintain, easy to install, are available in various colours and are inexpensive. 
  • The negatives allude to their propensity of not being easy to remove. In case of prospective damage, the only measure to fix these would be to replace the whole thing since they are laid on a single large sheet instead of slats like its alternatives. 

     2. Laminate Flooring:

  • These floors are convenient to clean, and it is possible to self lay them so all the DIY specialists can grab hold of them. 
  • These are exceptionally affordable and resistant to wear, making them an optimal flooring solution for families with kids and pets. 
  • These are budget-friendly solutions and can be brought from flooring Rouse Hill services in Sydney.
  • They retain the visual features and aesthetics without any of the hassle associated with maintaining it. 
  • This is a perfect option for houses that lead a busy lifestyle and can’t invest a lot of time towards maintaining these since they are layered with a protective material that prevents fading, abrasions, and stains, thus circumventing the need for frequent high-intensity cleaning. 
  • The cost of such floors is close to $19.50 per square metre, not including installation. 
  • The positives of using laminate flooring include water resistance, scratch-proof, easy maintenance, easy to lay, available in a variety of designs, easy to remove and replace without incurring additional damage and provide the option of replacing these slat with slat.
  • The negatives associated with this material include that they are not recommended for wet areas akin to a bathroom or apartments since they do not offer much soundproofing.

      3. Timber flooring:

  • They are perfect for every space in a family home, with reliable soundproofing propensity. However, the maintenance of these can be an arduous effort.
  • These are made of solid timber planks and might also include parquetry flooring, i.e. a mosaic design of smaller pieces made out of solid timber.
  • These can create a warm aesthetic look and elegant appearance to your spaces and can be found for sale at flooring Rouse Hill services in Sydney.
  • These leave no room for tricky gaps between floorboards, making them safe for family homes.
  • The cost of such floors starts at $59 per square metre, not including installation and can vary based on the hardness of the timber.
  • The positives associated with timber flooring include its durability, given that it is sealed optimally, it’s easy to clean, soundproof, and is made of natural and renewable material.
  • The negatives include its placement at high foot traffic areas will require consistent sanding and stripping to maintain the appearance and moisture retention, thus making them high maintenance. These are not recommended for humid areas or bathrooms and kitchens. 

The aforementioned details allude to the materials commonly used for flooring and their features, pros and cons; consider the following before choosing the best option for your homes. Learn about these and find your choice at flooring Rouse Hill services in Sydney.



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