Wed, Mar 22, 2023

With all the technological advancements in auto garage door openers, you can obtain a newly enhanced system when you replace your old garage door opener.

You’ll see numerous things while having a garage door opener installed. Most openers come with some of these functions, which might be viewed as necessary.

Other features are usually optional rather than mandatory and are only introduced upon request. The majority of the characteristics listed below can make an auto garage door opener more practical for contemporary homeowners in various ways.

Here are some features that you should look for in an auto garage door opener

  • Remotes

One of the most useful things about an auto garage door opener is that you may activate its motions via remote control. In order to open or close a garage door, you often use wall-mounted buttons. 

Additionally, a remote is typically provided to allow opening and closing from within. Most wall mounts are compatible with garage door units that include one or more doors.

  • Manual ejection

There may be instances when you’d prefer to operate the garage door manually as opposed to with remote control. There is a manual release option that enables you to detach the door from its electric mechanisms for situations like these. 

This enables you to lift the door to any height you require at any moment. For instance, the manual release button can allow you to raise the door a few inches if your work within your garage requires ventilation.

  • Security light. 

It helps to have light streaming from above when driving or walking through an open auto garage door opener, whether you’re travelling in the other direction or not. Modern garage doors are frequently equipped with security lights that turn on automatically whenever the door is activated for extra convenience. Unlike standard garage lights, the security light will also turn off after a few minutes of inactivity.

  • motion detectors 

The garage door, which is the largest moving component of your home, might be hazardous if it doesn’t include motion sensors that can detect when objects pass underneath the door. 

As a result, you won’t need to worry about the garage door inadvertently lowering onto the hood of your car because the sensor will recognise it and stop all action when it sees the car. A motion sensor will, more crucially, shield small children and pets from the perils of a closed garage door.

  • Locks

Having a remote on hand is no longer convenient when you lose them. The locking feature of the auto garage door opener enables you to stop a lost remote from being used to enter your home, regardless of whether it accidentally falls out of your pocket or gets taken by a stranger.

The locking option can help keep your home secure from possible intruders by disabling any access code that has been put into your remote.

The auto garage door opener is the largest and frequently most susceptible entrance to a residential home. It’s advisable to rectify the problem as soon as possible if you have a faulty garage door opener.

The experts that handle repairs and installs for garage door openers on a daily basis are fully knowledgeable about how to install new openers in garages of all sizes.


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