Sat, Mar 25, 2023

Compressed air dryers are necessary if you want to avoid problems with rust and moisture. It helps get water out of the compressed air. Twenty litres of air are sucked into a compressor every second. Compressors take water out of the air, which makes it dryer.

When choosing a compressed air dryer, there are a few things to remember:

Flow Rate

The compressor and receiver size will depend on how much air you need to move (most tools list their consumption in CFM m3/min or Litre/Sec). Don’t forget that if you use more than one air tool simultaneously, you’ll need a bigger compressor.


In places like workshops and garages where floor space may be limited, the compressed air dryers’ footprint size is a big deal. You can buy many machines small enough to fit in a smaller space.

Air Quality

Need air that is free of oil? Do you need 100% dry air? All compressors make water condensate, so you may need to think about an oil-free compressor or other equipment like filters and dryers to get the quality of the air your application needs. Choosing a filter depends on how much dirt you need to get rid of. 

Electrical Power

The compressed air dryers you choose will also depend on how much electricity you have on your property compared to how much electricity the compressor needs. You should think about whether the machine you choose is single-phase or three-phase, how many amps it will use, and what size fuse your electrical board has. 

Manufacturers usually recommend D-rated fuses because the currents during start-up are much higher than those during regular operation. For example, heavy-duty compressors need special wiring and outlets because they use 220 volts. A 220-volt compressor that draws 15 amps operates Three thousand three hundred watts.


When you buy a Compressed air dryer, the costs do not end when you pay for the machine. There are also repair costs and spare parts to think about. Luckily, many compressors are made to be easy to maintain and have low costs and upkeep needs. They also work well. There is also a team of service engineers who can take care of your regular maintenance.


If you choose a reputable distributor, you will get help and advice from qualified people during the buying process and in the future, if you have any questions. There are always teams of experts who are ready to listen, give advice, and help you, so you can be sure that we will help you choose a machine that fits your needs.

Keeping the area around the Compressed air dryers clean and organized is essential. When you change the oil in the system, some oil gets on the surface, so you should clean it. A clean area is suitable for the design and the person running it. This article discusses the basic rules that must be followed for the air compressor system to work well.



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