Sat, Mar 25, 2023

If you are living in the tinsel town of Marsden Park and want to make a simple bbq Marsden park, all you need is some basic skills, resources, and a few handy pals. It’s easy to build and maintain the grill island of your dreams. 

  • The basic skill level is moderate. It’s easy to build the frame, but fitting and mortaring the stones can take a lot of time.
  • The overall cost is $800, which excludes the grill, sink, countertop, and other fixtures. 
  • The estimated time is around two weekends.

Building a brilliant Barbeque

Since strength and durability are critical aspects of an outdoor bbq kitchen, you can consider low-maintenance options like stone veneer. It doesn’t need any sealing or painting. Real stone is expensive and heavy. It requires intensive masonry, which means additional costs. 

If you see bbq Marsden park examples, you’ll see the use of a cultured and cementitious stone. Landmark stones are easy to work with as they are lighter and lasts longer. You can cut them faster. They also look as natural and wholesome as a real stone.

Into the BBQ fold

Building outdoor bbq kitchens do take some time and effort, but with meticulous planning and execution, you can complete it in just two weekends. As long as you can reach the coating point and the lath and frame in a mortar layer, you can essentially hold and tarp over the frame’s top.

It takes some time to apply the final decorative touches. After getting the counters on the surface, you can start using the thing. Gradually work on the stone veneering. 

  • The most common materials you need to make a bbq Marsden park are pressure-treated 2*4 stretchers, construction adhesive, ¾ inches plywood, 15 lbs felt, type S mortar, scored surface, L-shaped cornerstone, and field pieces and wire lath.
  • The other materials are metal feet, notches posts, and more PT stretchers.

An outdoor bbq kitchen comprises a stainless-steel grill, which you place inside three-foot-long plywood. Flank the stone veneering by two additional 4-foot durable bases that have cabinets. Put them underneath the top. 

  • Place 48-50 linear countertop inches on each side. One side should have a functional sink.
  • You can have both concrete or stone countertop. It’s normally 35-40 inches from the ground. It’s a pretty comfortable height for elbow prepping food prep.
  • Make the countertop rest on the slightly sloped slab as it helps prevent water from accumulating around the base. 
  • You will find that a structurally sound and well-planned patio also works as a strong base for a BBQ kitchen. 

The stone engineering

Use cultured stone to veneer the outside of your BBQ island. It’s lightweight, and you can easily apply it with mortar. It’s prudent to use stones that blend with your existing stonework or the architecture of your home. 

There are round and sturdy fieldstones that can create magic in outdoor bbq kitchens. They can evoke a vintage farm well design from the English countryside. The thin, white, horizontal stones render a more contemporary look. You can arrange the stones in a visually pleasing way. 


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