Sun, Mar 26, 2023

The latest advancements and evolution of learning methods have developed a need to innovate and search for newer better ways of teaching to impart quality education to the kids. Gone are the days of traditional learning methods where students were only at the receiving end and had a passive role. Today the scenario has changed. Students are more active and active. Thereby arousing the need to find the latest techniques that help to unleash the true potential of the students and provide them with a cohesive learning environment too. Experiential learning is in Vogue. It is the newest addition in the education world. It aims at combining experiences with learning along with practical knowledge.

Experiential learning focuses on the implications of concepts rather than just a theoretical knowledge of the same. Experiential Learning begins where textbook learning ends. Experiential Learning helps in the overall development of a child and helps to enhance its IQ as well. Experiential Learning is adopted for students across all age groups. It is a highly interactive and engaging way to impart knowledge to the students by engrossing them.

CP Goenka International School is one of the best CBSE schools in Dombivli. It aptly adapts this revolutionary teaching technique with its well-researched comprehensive curriculum. CP Goenka International School aims at striking the right balance between experiential learning and academic learning. The main objective of this institution is to motivate students and enhance their creative thinking, problem-solving and critical reasoning arenas. The experiential learning not only explains concepts and data in an innovative and appealing way but it focuses on its real-time application.

The emphasis of this learning method is to engage the students and provide an enriched classroom experience. Experiential learning accelerates the learning process and makes students vigorous in all areas. CP Goenka International School is known for constantly updating and upgrading its teaching and learning techniques to make students ready for the dynamic world of opportunities.

Today, Top Affiliated CBSE schools in Dombivli like CP Goenka International Schools are adopting new collaborative learning methods to involve the students and captivate them. The traditional independent learning methods had several disadvantages and limitations. The collaborative learning method aims at replacing those loopholes and imparting quality education. It accentuates the individual problem-solving ability and strengthening attentive learning. This learning technique aims at improving the social interaction of students with group assignments and projects. It encourages the diversified exchange of ideas and stimulates their classroom interaction as well. Collaborative learning and experiential learning are the revolutionary learning methods that play an important role in the overall development of the child.

Experiential Learning along with a cohesive curriculum is the epitome of learning at CP Goenka International School. The objective is to provide a favorable learning setting with state of the art infrastructure. The students are encouraged to grow, invent, reinvent and explore the campus to its best. The well-equipped vast library, studios, labs, sports arenas help the student to experiment, grow and chase their dreams. CP Goenka International School has the right mélange of experimental learning, Classroom learning, Outdoor learning, and Collaborative Learning.

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