Sat, Mar 25, 2023

Imagine if your car is stolen or lost. It also may happen that you forget where you have parked your car and now you are hunting everywhere for it. However, if you install a vehicle GPS Tracker to your car, you can easily find it through the app that will come associated with your tracker. There are many other things you should keep in mind before installing a vehicle GPS tracker. Here is everything you need to know.


Different Types Of Vehicle GPS Tracker

There are various types of vehicle GPS trackers which can be used according to your requirements. They are as follows:


Plug-In Trackers

Plug-in trackers can be attached to your vehicle from the port which is used by car technicians to obtain your vehicle’s data. They can be easily plugged into the port via cables and can help track your car even when it is turned off. It also helps you know when your vehicle is turned on or off and notifies you of it.


Hardwired GPS Tracker

As the name suggests, the hardwired GPS Tracker is connected directly to your vehicle. These trackers are somewhat In-built into the car system and can be hidden. Because of this, if your car is ever stolen, the tracker cannot be removed easily and your car can be tracked down from anywhere. This type of vehicle GPS tracker is commonly used by companies to track their transport vehicles.


Battery-Powered Tracking Device

This is yet another type of vehicle GPS tracker that can be used to track your stolen car. These trackers are battery-powered and need to be recharged regularly. They notify your connected device about your car’s whereabouts whenever they are turned on. However, they may not be very efficient because they run on batteries. Once the battery is dead, your vehicle GPS tracker may not work.


How to Install A Vehicle GPS Tracker?

Installing a vehicle GPS tracker is quite easy. All you have to do is connect the tracking device to your car and turn it on. Once done, you need to pair it with your receiving device so that you can monitor the status of your vehicle’s GPS tracker. Also, make sure to check once or twice if your tracker is sending the correct location. Some GPS trackers give real-time location whereas others like battery-powered tracking devices may take a while. All in all, once you have installed the whole setup properly, you are good to go!


Which type of vehicle GPS tracker is the best?

It is always preferable to use plugin trackers or hardwired GPS trackers for your car. Since they give you the real-time location of your car, it becomes easy for your in times of crisis. However, if you are relatively okay with time-to-time tracking, you can simply install a battery-powered tracking device in your car. They are easy to use and work better when it comes to tracking your vehicle only when it is needed. A Vehicle GPS Tracker, no matter which type it is, is easy to install and use as well. Your car model also plays a major role in choosing the type of tracking device you want to install.