Sat, Mar 25, 2023

The garage door is one of the essential aspects of the outside of a house, and it can make or break its appearance. B&D Panel lift door motors are one of the most popular designs. Find out what panel lift door motors are and how to choose the ideal one for your house by reading this article.

The panel lift door motor comprises numerous linked panels that move up when the door is opened. The panels sit flat against the garage ceiling, much like an average monolithic garage door when completely open.

Reliability of the panel lift door motor:

One of the essential advantages of the panel lift door motor is that it is very reliable and lasting. Because each panel is connected to the leading garage door track, the door is very secure when opened and closed. Individual panels may also be repaired without having to replace the whole door. Garage doors that open inwards and upwards are less prone to issues than garage doors that open outwards and upwards. Standard doors only have a few connections, allowing them to fall off track quickly.

Save space:

Another advantage of panel lift door motors is that they conserve a significant amount of space compared to traditional monolithic garage doors. While compared to normal garage doors, the panel lift door motor does not jut out when they are open. This enables you to park considerably closer to the entrance before getting out.


Panel lift door motors are an appealing choice since they come in a variety of colours and designs. These modern garage doors work well in both traditional and contemporary houses. They may go with any architectural style, mainly if you match services to obtain a perfect match.
You may have a panel lift door motor with an original wood appearance or other materials, in addition to a variety of powder-coated colours. You might add some window panels to the highest sectional panel of the door to make it even more beautiful.


Panel lift door motors are more expensive than standard ones, but you get more bang for your buck. The price of your panel door will be determined by several criteria, including its size, material, design features, and the garage door opener mechanism you choose. Due to the electrical work required, a licensed expert should perform garage door installation. When collecting estimates from garage door installers, be sure you ask to view samples of their prior work, so you know you are getting a good deal.


Safety is a significant issue in our houses. You must safeguard your garage doors to keep your property safe from attackers. Assume you reside in a location where security is a problem. In such instances, Panel lift door motors might be the difference between preserving or losing your prized items, as well as keeping or not keeping your loved ones safe.

Many people believe that Panel lift door motors are just for the wealthy. Because of their ease, adaptability, and technology, they make your house safer and eliminate the need for extra, costly security measures. That alone is a compelling argument for replacing your manual garage doors with fully automatic garage doors.


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