Thu, Mar 30, 2023

There are several forms of home improvement that are not usually known when giving your home a makeover. In providing the final touch to your home, sometimes the items you forget can be significant. We focus on wallpapering the lounge much of the time, re-carpeting, or installing a few bits of storage space, but we seldom think about changing the staircase.

A home staircase provides a way for a house to move from one floor to the other and attract a significant foot traffic volume. So, in your remodelling plans, you must include your staircase to keep it in safe and perfect conditions. And when it comes to enhancing the staircase’s function and design, selecting the right material for the staircase is very critical. Here are the top four characteristics that make the Hamptons style the best choice for the staircase.


If you want to add a tall or winding staircase to your home, then it is nice to go for Hamptons style staircase treads. These staircases do not bring undue stress on your floor as they are lightweight, and you do not need extra support as well.

Varied Pattern of Grain

Hamptons style staircase will bring a unique atmosphere to your home; it also gives you the option of selecting the pattern you like. Timber species come with many grain patterns to fit your needs, provide the leverage to choose the Hamptons style staircase that goes well with your room’s wooden furniture and repairs or stand out by contrasting the wallpaper style.

Comes With Random Colours

There is a wide variety of colours to choose from for the Hamptons style staircase, from dark oak to light ash. And if you want to go for the template that most are well aware of, go for lighter finish treads. You can select the ebony finishes, so dark that the grain pattern can be covered. However, you can get an earthy and rustic look with ebony finishes, which helps you add an outdoor touch to your home’s interior.

Offers Versatility

Another significant advantage of using Hamptons style staircase is that it can be built of the same wood as your flooring. Ensure that the material form that is durable and able to withstand the harsh UV rays is chosen.

Wide Range of Selection

You have so many profiles to choose from with timber treads, such as tread and riser, slimline, L-shaped, robust, etc. Consider contacting staircase installers if you are looking for any other designs or profiles; they can paint or oil your stairs in the colours and finishes you prefer. The timber species are sure to enhance your space with a warm atmosphere, long-lasting beauty, and power, with traditional design or any contemporary design you want, whatever design you want.

When it comes to designing and building these staircases, many professionals have a wealth of experience. Both quality suppliers and installers are likely to give you the best possible advice and guidance. If you can imagine Hamptons style staircase in your house, then you may have nothing to lose by making a few phone calls and getting a few designs and quotes.


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