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Drywall, also known as sheet-rock, wallboard, gypsum panels, custard boards, buster boards, and gypsum boards, is a sheathing made up of Calcium sulphate dihydrate consisting of two paper boards that sandwich the gypsum panel. The dry wall plaster is used to install the interior side of ceilings and walls. 

 When a home is being constructed, people hardly pay attention to the walls. But this is the place that requires much attention. The drywall is in demand among the homeowners as it is considered one of the commonest forms of interior wall materials. Thus, drywall has gained immense popularity among homeowners. 

Advantages of using drywall

There are several advantages of installing drywall at home. The advantages of dry wall plaster are as follows: 

  • Installation of drywall is faster when compared with traditional plaster.
  • It requires a lesser energy cost when compared to other methods.
  • The drywall provides support as well as strength to the walls.
  • Drywall is fire-resistant because of the presence of CaSo4+H2O (Calcium Sulfate plus water)
  • It is affordable and consumes lesser cost when compared with other methods of smoothing or paving the ceilings and walls.
  • The drywall can be permanent or temporary. If drywall is installed on a ceiling or wall, it will remain there permanently.

Manufacturing of drywall:

A wallboard or gypsum board panel comprises a layer of gypsum plaster covered between two thin layers of paper. The gypsum is heated to bring out the water in the form of evaporation, and it is again rehydrated slightly for producing hemihydrated calcium sulphate. The dry wall plaster is mixed with fibre-glass and paper-fiber. The mixture of these materials provides strength to the plaster and reduces mildew, flammability, and water absorption.

Construction of drywalls:

When it comes to constructing dry wall plaster, it must be done by experienced professionals. Proper installation is highly recommended; otherwise, the money and the material will get wasted. Experienced professionals take 2-3 days to install drywall panels across the entire house. Thus, the time required for plaster gets saved. It is a very effective, economical, and alternative method to cover the walls of the house. The entire work of installation is divided between two categories of experts: the hangers and the taper. The work of the hanger is to hang and suspend the boards and panels with screws and hanging nails. The taper fills the panels’ joints with the application of drywall compounds. 

Wrapping up:

It is seen that dry wall plaster has gained immense popularity and is the much sought-after one in every household. It has become so much popular because it can be painted again and again. Drywall is more stable than plaster. If at any place the surface gets damaged, it can be repaired easily. Moreover, drywall is resistant to fire. If you want to make your rooms sound-proof and have temperature insulation, then drywall is the best option for your home. Drywall is available in a wide variety of sizes and types. Frames and shelves can be easily hung on drywall. 


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