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Instagram is a social media platform that is loved by everyone. Now it is no longer limited to just sharing the pictures and connecting with friends but is greatly used by brands and businesses for promoting and selling their products and services. 

 The 2018 studies have confirmed that Instagram is used by 70% of businesses in the United States for their marketing and advertising purposes. Also, with the increased use of hashtags these days it is claimed that 7 out of every 10 hashtags belong to a brand.

With the increasing competition just creating an Instagram business profile won’t create any impact on your audience. With the rising popularity of social media mainly Instagram brands and businesses must take serious moves to engage their potential customers and maintain their digital presence.

Displaying Instagram hashtag feeds on your website is a great way to showcase all your user-generated content and to increase engagement with your users. Instagram hashtag feeds can act as a communication bridge between the visitors and the brand. 

According to Facebook’s study, more than 80% of people discover products and services on Instagram, which is why your brand must be on Instagram.

Display Instagram Feed On Website

Let’s look at different methods to display Instagram feeds on your website:

Screenshot to display

Beautiful pictures and colors when added to websites not only make it look good but also engage your website’s visitors. As we know that humans are more likely to attract visual content than text so, visual content from Instagram can be used as quality content for your website. Simply taking a screenshot of images posted by your followers mentioning your brand or pictures that are relevant to your brand then displaying them on your websites is a great way to humanize your brand. This is one of the convenient ways to make your website look attractive and increase traffic to your site. 

Instagram Feed 

An Instagram feed is a social wall where content from different social media platforms is being aggregated in one place. To make your website interactive you can collect hashtag posts from Instagram that are relevant for your brand into a single feed and embed it on your site. 

This can be done with the help of expert social media aggregation tools like Taggbox Widget, which lets your brand display Instagram hashtag posts in real-time, keep your website updated, and create social proof for your brand.

 The hashtags feed can be easily embedded by HTML code, you just have to copy and paste the code at the backend of your website. The feeds can also be customized the way you want them to look. You can choose themes according to the occasion, seasons, and the one suitable for your website. Also, with the moderation feature, you can decide which post you want to show and which do not. These tools also offer additional features like custom CSS, add collaborators, analytics, and many more.

WordPress Plugin 

Another way to display hashtag feeds on your website is by using WordPress plugins. If you have a WordPress website you can use Smash Balloons which offer various social media plugins. You can save your time and increase user engagement for your website by using its customizable feed. The feeds can be displayed the way you want. Moreover, the plugin is easily installable.

Using Instagram code 

Instagram itself allows you to display hashtag feeds on your website. You just have to choose the post you want to embed and copy the HTML code from the app and paste it at your website’s backend.

This is one of the easiest methods but has some limitations regarding customization and moderation. Plus, with Instagram code you cannot display the entire hashtag feed, you’ll have to display posts one by one.

Displaying shoppable feeds

What if your audience can view products in the pictures just with a click? Isn’t this cool? Yes, shoppable feeds to add more fun and make it convenient for your users to directly go on the product and purchase. That’s how a quick and easy shopping experience can be created for your users just by tagging your products in hashtag posts.

There are some tools in the market that makes it possible for you. Taggbox is one of them with which you can create a hashtag post and make it shoppable, then these feeds can be displayed on your website just by using an HTML code. This makes your website user-friendly and attractive.


There were a few amazing ways of displaying Instagram hashtag feeds on your websites. Adding hashtag feeds would not only add creativity to your website but also will also redirect your visitors to the Instagram page, this helps in increasing your brand presence on Instagram. 

So start embedding hashtag feeds now and see the magic by yourself.


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