Sat, Dec 10, 2022

We all know the benefits provided by timber flooring in Killara. In a place like Killara, you would want your house to look the best from the lot. With the help of timber flooring, you can make your floor look amazing. Not just that, you can have a long term investment with the help of this type of flooring. 

But do you understand the concepts about wooden flooring? Let’s look at the different types of it to get a better understanding regarding the subject matter:- 

  • Hardwood 

One of the most commonly used materials in terms of the timber flooring is hardwood. It may include any mahogany, teak, walnut, oak, maple etc. These all come from deciduous trees. It is generally considered the most expensive type of wooden flooring and rightly so too. The material to be used will be able to provide you with perfect floors, something that you have asked for all the time. It’s also highly demanded the same purpose as well. If you can afford any given amount of cost just to ensure really awesome looking floors, this material is meant for you. But we would suggest this material to you only if you want to build up a luxurious place. If you are looking to have a simple home, try to ignore this kind of material.

  • Softwood 

Softwood is generally found more since its production is higher in comparison to that of hardwood. If you know the law already, you will understand how demand and supply work. This is why softwood is less expensive in comparison to hardwood and can be afforded by any given person out there. It is widely used in the construction of homes. If we talk about hardwood, it would be generally used for the purpose of making those lavish hotels and fancy houses. It may include pine, cedar and fir. The downside here is that this material is not hard-wearing, as the name suggests itself. It might last a good amount of time but when you compare it with hardwood, it will definitely not prove to be as durable.

  • Engineered Timber 

This is like a mixed material that sets it apart. It is made more often with the help of softer timber which is combined together with the harder timber, it is laminated that way. There is also referred to as floating floors. The good thing about engineered Timber is that it is very easy to install. You can do it on your own as well. It also has to be the least expensive when we talk about different types of timber flooring. The downside here is that if you do it on your own, you might make too many mistakes and the material wouldn’t be durable at all. But it will always be a good option for the places where the flooring has to be done quickly. It will still look dapper up until the time it lasts.

These are the three types of timber flooring. You will find many professionals doing all these kinds of flooring in Killara. Do your research and find the best organisation to do the job!


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