Sun, Mar 26, 2023

Are you relatively new to heat transfer vinyl? It is mainly used on certain fabrics and materials to create designs and promotional products. In short, it is meant to decorate t-shirts, garments and other fabric items. But do you think there is only one kind of material present here? You haven’t gotten in touch with things already. From Standard heat transfer vinyl to glitter heat transfer vinyl, there are many options available in front of you. We will go through them one by one: 

  • Standard Heat Transfer Vinyl 

This is the most common type of heat transfer vinyl that’s being used in the marketplace. If you have just gotten introduced to heat transfer vinyl, you should be opting for this method. It is meant for people starting with classic designs. To apply it, you need to use a home iron or a heat press. It can be used irrespective of the material such as cotton, polyester and poly-cotton blends. 

  • Pearlescent Heat Transfer Vinyl

As the name suggests, this type of heat transfer vinyl is meant for the material with a pearlescent effect. There’s a great layer of designing under this type of heat transfer vinyl. It is safe to say that it is quite contrasting when compared with glitter heat transfer vinyl. It provides fantastic finishes to the t-shirts and gives them an amazing look. It is the metallic sheen that motivates the cause of giving a great finish to the shirts. On top of that, there are vibrant colours present here that help the cause making the design more vibrant. 

  • Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl 

As the name suggests, it is going to provide a glittering look to your t-shirts. Glitter heat transfer vinyl is really popular as this is one of the best choices for kids and people who love to wear glittering t-shirts. It can be applied with a home iron. Apart from that, you can also use a heat press on cotton, polyester and poly-cotton blends. Glitter heat transfer vinyl is going to provide the most authentic glittering look to the t-shirts along with an awesome glittering finish. 

  • Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

The next name to finish on the list is flock heat transfer vinyl. It is very unique when compared with the rest of the names on this list. If you’re thinking about an alternative for embroidery, this one is going to take the cake. This one can be applied using a home iron or a heat press on cotton, polyester and poly-cotton blends. 

  • Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl 

Are you interested in designing a Halloween costume for yourself? Glitter heat transfer vinyl wouldn’t work out all that well. So the best option in that regard has to be glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl. It can be used to design nightclothes. This is the type of heat transfer vinyl that is active only at night and inactive in the daytime. 

These are the different types of heat transfer vinyl. Each one of them has got its features and are a pa popular option amongst the masses! 


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