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Renovating bathrooms can become logistical nightmares if they’re not planned properly. Thankfully, there are plenty of homeowners who get bathroom renovations in Western Sydney without wasting too much money or time. Their secret? Creating realistic timelines and having specific strategies for different kitchen elements. 

Bathroom floors play important roles in renovation projects. Today, bathroom flooring options aren’t just limited to porcelain, ceramic, or linoleum tiles. There are other cost-effective and functional material options. Even when you opt for classic choices like porcelain or ceramic, you’ll have plenty of design options to choose from.

That’s why creating a tiling strategy before launching the bathroom renovation project is very important. Here’s a guide – 

Assess Your Needs

Bathrooms aren’t strictly utilitarian spaces anymore. They need to be cosy personal retreats for family members. They also need to hold up well against daily use. So, homeowners must balance their aesthetic and functional requirements. 

For example, if you want wooden plank flooring in your bathroom instead of traditional tiles, make sure to give the planks water-resistant finishes or laminates. A much safer option is getting porcelain tiles that look like wood grain. 

Think Diagonally 

To make bathrooms appear bigger, renovation experts often place tiles in diagonal patterns. This new alignment gives the illusion of added space. Don’t worry – you won’t need to tear up your bathroom to realign the tiles. 

Create a Theme

Bath spaces may be private spaces meant to please only the homeowners. But, that doesn’t mean that the bathroom decor shouldn’t complement your home’s existing décor. For example,

  • If your home has traditional décor, pick natural stone tiles to reinforce the natural theme inside the bathroom.
  • If your home has a modern minimalistic vibe, stained or painted concrete tiles can make your bathrooms look ultra-modern. 
  • If you prefer the “raw” look, you can find porcelain tiles that are made to look like brick, concrete, or natural stones. 

Expert providers of bathroom renovations in Western Sydney can help homeowners establish well-defined décor themes in their bathrooms. Bear in mind – your bathroom renovation budget will determine the types of tiles you purchase, so picking easy-to-maintain materials should be your priority. 

Pick Big Tiles

Large tiles are easier to install. Bigger grout joint widths also reduce the risk of tiles cracking or loosening. Since loose or cracked tiles pose serious injury risks, installing strong and big tiles is always the safer option. 

Coloured Grout Lines

Using tinted grout is very advantageous. When the grout is tinted to resemble the colour of the tiles, it becomes less prone to discolouration or dirt accumulation (unlike the usual white grout). Coloured grout makes washed-out tiles look better. It also accentuates the shape of the tiles. 

Homeowners who’ve made the mistake of not installing intricately shaped tiles can fix this issue by getting coloured grout. Irrespective of the sizes, shapes, types or colours of the tiles – homeowners can easily find corresponding tinted grouts that match them. 

Fixed Colour Pattern

Homeowners looking to create unique tile patterns using multi-coloured tiles and tinted grout should stick to a set number of colour options. Using way too many bathroom tile colours can make the bathroom look gaudy.

Follow these tips to create your own tiling strategy! 


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