Wed, Mar 22, 2023

Plantation shutters have been around for hundreds of years. Once used on 18th-century plantation mansions which were built in derivative forms of classical architectural styles, they are still widely considered the crown jewel of window treatments. 

They not only add to the perceived value of a home but also set the tone for a room and completely transform the look of the space in a matter of seconds. When it comes to controlling natural light, they make for a perfect choice. Their ability to offer the flexibility for different control options while still continuing to add classic beauty to the surroundings is what separates them from other window treatments. 

Their hinges allow them to swing open and close while their louvred body allows for subtle control of the natural light and privacy.

Why Plantation Shutters Double Bay?

Incredibly versatile, plantation shutters Double Bay can be a good fit for just about any environment. 

  • Stately, stylish and elegant, they not only project a modern contemporary look but can also complement almost any internal décor.
  • As an extra buffer between your windows and any outdoor sources of sound, they can act as a versatile sound insulator, shutting out the traffic and other types of noises. 
  • With shutter panels inclusive of flaps that can be opened and closed as and when liked, they provide privacy and conditions close to the blackout for a good sleep.
  • From small portholes to huge bay windows and from smooth, circular designs to sharp angles and more; they can effectively use the available space and be tailored to fit almost any window space to more precision. 
  • From insulating your home to ventilating the room during the summer months, keeping the sun at bay in the warmer months, and blocking cold drafts in the winter months, they can control and regulate the temperature effectively.
  • Controlling sunlight that enters your home, help eliminate the build-up of solar heat during the hot summer months.
  • Controlling the ambient light levels coming into a room, they can be split into sections, with each having its own louvres. Further, with minor adjustments, they allow better flow of natural light while at the same time eliminating screen glare.
  • Unlike binds, they are easy to use, operate, and adjust. Further, the absence of ties and loose strings means they help avoid tangling incidents or damage to the window treatment.
  • Built to last, they can endure many years of usage and still maintain their high design standard with little maintenance.

Extremely good at keeping out the light from the sun, they keep your home cooler during the hot summer months, thereby drastically cutting down your electricity bills, and also protecting your upholstery, flooring, and other items, from being faded by the fury of the sun.  

Picking The Right Plantation Shutters Double Bay

Selection of plantation shutters double bay is critical. A wrong selection can make your home look drab, dark, and out of sync with its look and likewise, the right selection can totally transform your home’s look overnight.

The best way to play safe is to get them customized which is easy and which can perfectly fit your windows. All you need to do is make the right selection from an assortment of materials, styles, and colours with the right configuration that goes well with custom-fit plantation shutters.  

Plantation shutters double bay though a tad expensive are still a worthy choice for they can be installed on all the windows for a uniform appearance throughout. This will give your home an enhanced curb appeal from the outside.


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