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For core drilling, concrete contractors in Chatswood who are expected to conduct concrete core strength tests have a few choices. They may employ a testing lab or concrete sawing and drilling company to drill the cores or drill the cores themselves. Regardless of who drills the cores, make sure that if you remove them from the mortar, you have a written core test program that considers the correct position in a wall or slab to extract cores and treat cores.

For contractors who want to drill the cores themselves, here are a few tips.

Choosing a drill

There are a few options to consider whether you are buying or renting a drill. Usually, for holes up to 3 inches in diameter, you can use a hand-held core drill, since the minimum core size for core strength testing is 3.7 inches in diameter, a drill stand or rig-mounted unit would be used. You will want to select a model that offers the flexibility to conduct other projects, such as drilling dowel holes or holes for plumbing or electrical work if you are buying a unit. Different sizes of hand-held units, rig-mounted units and intermediate units can be used either by hand or with a drill stand.


Three power options come with core drill motors: hydraulic, air and electric. The availability of power and the working environment on your worksite will decide the power choice you select. For your hole size and concrete hardness, some units also allow you to pick an acceptable speed.

Stand attachment

You may use a vacuum stand, which connects to the floor with suction power and does not require anchor holes while doing core drilling in Chatswood on slabs with a relatively flat surface. You will need to protect the wall’s stand with anchors while drilling cores in the wall. Saunders also suggests a safety chain with drill stands as a precaution in the event of a fall.

Choosing a diamond bit

When the right diamond core bit is chosen, consider concrete psi and aggregate hardness. The diamond core bit would need to fit the material you are drilling. For more rigid materials, use a softer diamond bond and a more rigid diamond bond for softer concrete.


A 1-foot bit can be drilled for most of the regular concrete cutting in Mosman. You can use barrel bits, which are bit extensions that allow you to drill more profoundly than the cutting bit itself if you need to drill a core deeper than that. Thus, the support of these concrete cutters can easily be used to prevent any physical exertion. This is a big machine, and you may be asked to pay a little more than what you’ve agreed to do. They are incredibly safe to use and very realistic.

Core drilling will undoubtedly solve your intention of concrete cutting in Mosman. However, always do sufficient research on the best one on the market. Do not settle for any fair product and of poor quality. Make sure your money is not being wasted. It should be spent correctly.

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