Sat, Apr 1, 2023

Selecting the appropriate curtains for your living space is not easy. In fact, there are many factors to consider, including the function of each piece and the style you want. It is always best to consider curtains in Bellevue Hills while deciding on the rest of your bedroom decor. Therefore, your interior will be more coordinated and harmonious. 

These tips will help you find the perfect curtains for your home. Along with considering fabric length and color, you need to think about what works in virtually every room. Try these tips to make your curtain shopping easier. There are a number of basic design considerations when choosing curtains for your home. 

Ask yourself these questions to make your job a lot easier:

1. What is the best fabric?

While buying curtains in Bellevue Hills, the fabric isn’t just about their appearance; they also play an essential functional role. Blackout curtains block out light, while sheer curtains provide privacy and light.

Then there are thermal lined curtains to keep the rooms warm in the winter. Some fabrics, like linen and cotton, have a more formal look, while others, like silk and velvet, are more festive.

2. Which color is the best? 

Choosing the right color for your curtains is extremely difficult, especially when the design of your room is still unfinished. Be sure to choose a focal point to choose the color accordingly. Would you like all eyes to be drawn to the window? So be as daring as possible with colors and patterns. 

Or, if there’s a piece of furniture you want to accent, make sure the color of your curtains matches it. If your room is neutral, choose curtains with bold colors and patterns to create a dramatic contrast. On the other hand, if your room has a lot of colors and patterns, use neutral-colored curtains. And if your curtains in Bellevue Hills are in direct sunlight, use light or neutral colors, as direct sunlight will fade dark colors. 

3. What length is appropriate?

Too often, homeowners consider only the distance between the window and the floor when determining the length of their curtains. They forget that there is a lot of dead space between the ceiling and the window. If your room is small, choose curtains that are close to the ceiling but also reach the floor to make the room appear larger. 

This opens up the room in space but isn’t ideal if you want to be more comfortable. Also consider whether you want the curtains to end just below the window frame, barely touching each other or swimming across the floor. This obviously affects the size of your curtains.

Of course, you also need the right dimensions for the width. You will need to add a few more inches to the width of the window to catch the curtains. But if you add too many inches, your window will always be partially blocked, even if you pull the curtain all the way back. 

4. How much maintenance are you willing to do?

When choosing curtains in Bellevue Hills, always consider the type of cleaning and maintenance they require. Can you handle curtains that require regular cleaning and maintenance? Do you need curtains that can be machine washed or dry cleaned? Is hand washing acceptable?



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