Sat, Mar 25, 2023

LCD and LED TVs have taken the television industry by storm. Ever since they were introduced in the market, people have replaced their old TV sets with LCD ones since they have been recommended to be good for the eyes when compared to regular TV sets. But LED and LCD TVs come with their issues. Here are a few that you should keep a lookout for if you own one at home:

  1. Fails to Start: The LCD or LED TV at your place may blink after you turn it on, or the display screen might show up after 10 minutes after you switch it on. In some models, the TV might not switch on buying you might be able to hear abnormal audio sounds and a loss of HDMI. This could indicate problems in the capacitors. There could be a corruption of the integrated circuit in the mainboard and you need to get it fixed immediately.
  2. Ghosting: While the new LED and LCD TV’s do not suffer from this, the older versions suffered from an imperfection known as Ghosting. It is the trail that follows the objects that are in motion on the screen which gives a very streaked effect. This is typically caused due to the slow response time in the pixels themselves.
  3. Not Connecting to Wi-Fi: This is another common problem faced by many people owning an LED or LCD TV. To know where exactly the problem is arising from, you should first check if the problem is with the Wi-Fi router or the Television set. If the TV does not show any faults in connecting to your mobile phone, then it is mostly your router that is faulty. You could update the firmware of the router, and if that doesn’t seem to work, then factory reset your router. You could also borrow a Wi-Fi extender and then test again to see if the TV connects to the internet. You could also try a USB Wi-Fi adapter.
  4. Stuttering or Flickering: If your TV screen is stuttering or flickering, then the video cable could either be loose or faulty. Try tightening the cable and if that does not seem to work, then you will have to replace it with a new one. An incorrect refresh rate can also cause flickering to occur. It is best if you call your cable operator or a professional technician to fix this issue.
  5. Vertical Lines: Black or single coloured lines can occur on your TV screen and these can be caused by a lot of different issues. Your video and power cables could have some defects but id there working alright, then there might be a physical defect in your screen itself and you will probably have to replace it.

Unless you are an engineer or a technician yourself, you might be able to understand and fix the problem on your own. But if you are not, then it is not advisable to touch and fix your TV on your own. You could damage the set even more than it already is. Therefore, you should rely on an expert in the field of LED TV Repair Dubai. Best Services 4 U will drive all your TV problems away. They provide all kinds of TV repair services- from screen to panel replacement. ! If you are in Dubai or Sharjah, contact them for all your needs.


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