Sat, Apr 1, 2023

You want to avoid making a mistake right away if you are considering buying a pellet smoker or have just bought one. But what faults specifically are there? The most typical smoker pellets mistakes include using the incorrect pellets, purchasing a too-small smoker, adding the meal too soon, and stressing excessively about temperature changes. These mistakes might decrease the flavour of your meal and prevent you from refining your barbecue techniques. Also, there are other mistakes you need to avoid, and they are:

Not storing your pellets properly

You should ensure that your smoker pellets are correctly stored so that it will help prevent them from getting damp. You can keep them in a closet or any cold, dry location inside the house, such as the pantry. Avoid keeping them in wet areas like basements, garages, and sheds since they can collect moisture and draw pests.

Wet pellets not only perform poorly in your smoker but can also be a favourable environment for developing unpleasant mould and mildew. It might not be tasty, but since you are setting the pellets on fire, it won’t injure you. 

‌‌Leaving pellets hopper when not using

Smoker pellets are more likely to absorb moisture if left in the hopper. Pellets become useless and block your drill if moisture enters them. Humid conditions make this issue worse. If you want to use the smoker the next day, you should leave pellets in the hopper. 

Not fully preheating the pellet grill

This mistake can be interpreted as another example of impatience’s weaknesses. Low heat can result in undercooked or dry food if you put food in the oven too soon. Fresh smoke can provide bitter and unpleasant flavours when used with smoker pellets. So, it would help if you waited until your pellet grill stopped burning heavily. Because it taints meat, the dense smoke that first billows out is referred to as dirty smoke.

Not using enough pellets.

You will learn how many pellets your particular smoker burns through in an hour as you become more familiar with it. You should ensure the hopper is well supplied with pellets if you are conducting a long, slow cook, so it doesn’t stop halfway through and give you a partially cooked brisket after eight hours. Depending on the smoke level, a pellet grill typically uses 5 and 2.5 pounds of pellets each hour.

Using the same kind of pellets every time

No need to go on a wild goose chase in search of anything fresh if you have already tried out several charcoals or pellet varieties and know which flavours you prefer. However, if you have only ever used one kind of hardwood or charcoal for smoking, you should take advantage of many tasty options.

Various hardwoods, such as hickory, apple, cherry, and mesquite, are used to make smoking pellets, and each has its flavour characteristic. You can experiment with different charcoal kinds if you use a smoker that runs on charcoal. To mix things up and modify the flavour, pellet grill users may also want to use charcoal pellets.

Final Thoughts

When using a smoker, you need to consider certain things. Also, you need to avoid making inevitable mistakes. The above listed are the few mistakes you must avoid when using a smoker pellet. 


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