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Cardboard staplers are essential tools in any shipping department or warehouse, as they help in making your packages sturdier, thereby improving the efficiency and speed of your team and enhancing the safety of your products. A cardboard stapler is one of the most common devices used in the packaging, shipping, and carton assembling operations. Apart from these, there are certain other jobs that can be made easier with this stapler. These include

  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Fencing installation
  • Upholstery and bedding installation
  • Sheathing, paneling and siding installation
  • Roofing applications
  • Installation of prefabricated housing components

Packing jobs are huge and messy, and they require proper tools to be done efficiently. However, even a casual packaging enthusiast would appreciate having special equipment in hand whenever needed. A reliable stapler that can quickly secure cardboard boxes with hog staples is a definite necessity in a variety of industrial and business settings. If your company needs to frequently package products for delivery and transport, then such a stapler would be of great help to you and your team. Apart from that, it also finds a role for DIY enthusiasts and home-based businesses as well.

If you want to make the best use of a cardboard stapler for your purpose, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Purpose: Before you buy a stapler, you need to keep in mind the purpose for which you will use it. Apart from the obvious use with cardboard, you will need to review the usual volume of your operations, the thickness of cardboard you will be using it on, intervals of use, and other factors. If your business needs packing of cardboard boxes in large volumes, then you must rely on a stapler that can keep your operation running for long. As compared to other fastening devices, these staplers offer increased efficiency, potential, and stronger seal on your boxes.
  • The thickness of the Cardboard: Cardboard boxes are often available in single, double, and triple walls. Normal quality hog staples can easily handle single-walled cardboard, but if you are working with double or triple walled cardboard, then you will need a stapler designed to handle thicker applications.
  • Operations Volume: Another aspect you need to look into is your operation’s volume. If your business has low volume packaging needs, then a manual stapler would be sufficient to get your job done. But for medium and high-volume operations, an electric, cordless or pneumatic stapler would be needed. For extremely high-volume operations, you may choose from roll staples or stick staples as well.

There are diverse needs in the material packaging industry, whether you package large appliances or small spare parts. Cartons may be difficult to seal manually, and that is why a stapler is needed to secure the materials into the pallet properly. No matter what kind of warehouse setting you have, having a portable and reliable stapler is vital to meet your needs.

Choosing the right stapler for your specific task is the key to make it a success. Having an easy-to-use, the lightweight stapler can be ideal for meeting your business packaging needs. As an entrepreneur, you will find great value in an efficient and fast tool that can seal your cardboard cartons safely and quickly.

The staple will be secure if it has a wide crown and a thick wire. You also need to pay attention to the type of staple needed for your specific purpose, which may differ from each other in terms of their leg length, crown width, and wire thickness. Now that you know the basics of choosing the best cardboard stapler, get in touch with a reliable supplier, and look out for the available options.

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