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The hair transplant procedure is slowly rising to be one of the treatments that have been opted by men more and moreover over the years. Men opt for hair transplant treatment due to excessive hair loss which can be a cause of improper diet or artificial medication. As per the stats, people are much more reliant on the medications now more than ever and it has some evident side effects, one of which is issues with the hair. If you’re in Maharashtra and looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai or the best hair transplant clinic in Pune, we have some useful tips for you.

  • Know Your Doctor

There are various sources through which you can find out about the doctor, from word-of-mouth, the newspapers, advertisements to information on the internet. A hair transplant procedure is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life so it doesn’t hurt to do extensive research about the doctor with whom you will be spending half a day for the treatment. Search the internet for their info and look for their certification. This may also help you find the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai or Pune area. 

You can also enquire about how many patients they handle each day. The procedure takes 6 to 8 hours so the doctor shouldn’t be handling more than 2 each day. 

  • Enquire About The Medical Centre

Your doctor may have the required eligibility to perform the procedure but do they have other required factors? Ask for the proper address of the hospital, centre or the clinic where the procedure will be carried out. Later on, ask for permission documents from the Ministry of Health. These are your rights and you cannot refrain from them. If you’re denied these, you will likely not get the treatment you’re looking for. When they are certified, you can intervene professionally in case a problem occurs. To avoid these, you could always opt for the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai or the best hair transplant clinic in Pune if you reside in the State.

  • Before And After Photographs

Most of the hair transplant clinics already provide before and after photographs through their websites or advertisements but the digital world has allowed people to alter these images and fool people. A proper clinic will be presenting you with legit and material photos to convince you about their legitimacy. 

  • Clinic Staff

Even though your doctor is experienced enough, they don’t require a team but haven’t you heard about the story of a bundle of sticks and their unity? It stands true in the real world as well. A team of surgeons spearheaded by a doctor with vast practical knowledge is ideal for your treatment as they can all divide the work amongst themselves to serve you with the finest procedure.

  • Aesthetic Expertise Of The Surgeon

The doctor who is going to perform the surgery on you should have the aesthetic expertise over this and they should place the grafts as per the patient. There can be differences in genders, age, profiles, etc. and the hair restoration process is considered to be 60% of the aesthetic expertise with the rest of the method requiring scientific methods. Just being medically knowledgeable is not enough and they have to be skilled artistically as well. 

  • Technology

Hair transplant procedure has been around for quite some time now and there have often been improvements and upgrades over the years. With modern tech making enhancements, there are new methods coming up in every field. You should check with your clinic if they are using the latest technology for your procedure.

  • Operation Details

Lastly, get the entire agenda of the operation. We don’t suggest going into medical stuff as doctors are not allowed to share it but you should get the basic details from them such as hours required for the surgery, the extent of pain, the medication used for pain relief, etc. 

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